On Posts

Folks, please check your posts after you have submitted them and they are displayed.

On EP is XHTML/HTML corrector software to try to fix bad tags, wrong errors but it can't fix anything.

On EP you have a lot of freedom on what XHTML you can use but with that you can screw up the layout of the site with incorrectly used XHTML/HTML tags.

Please check your post after publishing and make sure it doesn't screw up the layout on the site.

Images - How To

Images obviously baffle people. There is no 1-2-3 click easy to embed them into blogs. Hopefully the below will help you prepare images without too much @??#&*)%!!!!

The User Guide shows the XHTML tags to correctly format your images. Please note the resizing of the image so it fits on the page.

Image Editing and Extraction

To extract an image from a PDF, PS or other graphics format file or to convert, resize, crop or edit an image, you need image editing software.

I recommend editing your images with GIMP. GIMP is open source and available on Linux and Mac. Here is the Windows version.

Some folks are having difficulty understanding how to extract an image.

Instapopulist - What is it?

In the middle column is a new title Instapopulist.

These are the latest forum topic posts.

If you see a news article, just want to briefly mention some fact or start a discussion thread, the forums are the place to do it. You don't need to invest the time to write a full bore, cited blog post to write in the forums.

Quick, easy, bam, you're an Instapopulist!