Friday Movie Night

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It's Friday Night! Party Time!

Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!

This week's star is Senator Byron Dorgan. Now I happen to really like Dorgan. He has that Midwest sensibility and more importantly, a MBA, a background in corporate taxes and economics and is chair of the Democratic Policy Committee.

One of the things Dorgan is known for is incredible floor speeches with large graphs and images. Believe me, with him on the floor other Senators have no excuse to claim they didn't know a bill or policy was hurting US workers. You can't ignore Dorgan.

Here he says there is no real representation in Congress for the American Worker:



On the Employee Free Choice Act (which so far has failed of course)



On Budget deficits and Iraq Contractors Fraud & Waste spending:



And this one is truly amazing, he is asking for a Truman Committee to stop Fraud and Waste with Military contracts, so here is the most incredible example of fraud with contracts:



Finally, for all of you immigration issue folks, remember Dorgan is the 3rd most powerful Democratic Senator and look at him call cash on how the US worker is being completely ignored and more importantly, the true nature of the agenda behind comprehensive immigration reform.

Happy Friday!



Yep he's a Senator to be proud of!

Interestingly I was reading this:

Followed by this:

...and I got dizzy and fell down. Can anyone think that there is anything more going on with current economic theorizing and thought, at least by big well funded Universities and think tanks other than.

'Look, screw all this theory and shit. We need scientifically sounding verbiage that in the end let's us do what we want to do. We in corporate America know how to make money squeeze it out of the little guy. Better yet, have the legislators vote some train loads of Benjamins be shipped to us for doing squat. What we need from you are some 'theory' which justifies our doing what we are doing......

We don't need some 'egghead intellectual' to tell us we are fucking everything up. Have you got that straight?'

Folks are starting to discuss the possibility that the average citizen may be ready to hear that he'd the victim of the largest robbery in the history of the world. The transfer of wealth from those who produce it to those who 'finance' it.

That maybe a group of folks who can nickname a ftool like Greenspan 'The Maestro' should not be allowed with several hundred miles of any of the citizens tax money.

Or that a inexperienced fellow who never took an economics course in his life, well we don't know because all his academic records are sealed, and who intends to rely on the same folks that had him vote for the Richard Cheney Energy Bill to 'advise' him, or perhaps his biggest financial supporters Goldman Sachs will send some just just graduated Libertarian from Hahvard to 'handle things', might not be the best choice to 'lead' us at the current time.

I dunno....

I think folks had better start thinking and talking about economics and policy real damn quick.

The house of cards is looking more than shaky. It's looking like it's gonna come down. And it's perfectly clear that those who are supposedl 'in charge'...

....have no idea of what to do. Not surprising since they can't even find out what's going on with the mess Boosh has made of the primitive reporting tools we used to have.


I guess this wasn't a very 'relaxed' post...heh....

Thanks for the Dorgan clips. I'm gonna steal 'em for my blog, assuming you do not mind. Good, good stuff more folks need to see.

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'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'


Anyone else wanting to recommend something for Friday night videos, please do!

They aren't my clips. This is a series where I find good free clips on economic related topics for a Friday night post.

Anything that gives Dorgan more publicity and especially more power in the Senate is a very good thing. If he was directing what bills were being brought up in the Senate I'll bet a hell of a lot more would get done because he's for the people and thus would bring up bills Americans actually want.

Hey, A citizen, don't forget to format your links!

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Econ as Make Up a Theory to Justify What You Want

The Marxists always made this charge about economic theory under capitalism. Theory for capitalist economists is just a 'superstructure' of ideas upon a changing dynamic the paid puppet capitalist economists could never hope to explain. Look at the theories of so many non-classical economists like Friedman and Schumpeter and you see thinly-disguised politics. And the politics of Friedman and company are quite ugly.

What is surprising is how the non-classical economists, BushCorp, and the Oligarchs writing such words work so hard to justify the Marxists. Look at the red paint now spreading over the map of South America. None in power are alarmed at this because the disaster in South America was planned and created by the post-classical economists and the Bushies.

The best antidote to this insanity is to attempt to be empirical and scientific, realizing that economics is never going to be hard science.

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Burton Leed