WTO - Calls for US, EU to Eliminate Farm Subsidies


Developing countries and food exporters from rich and poor nations called on Sunday for the United States and European Union to open up their farm markets and eliminate trade-distorting subsidies

and love this one:

The various alliances among the WTO's 152 members, from the Cairns group of food exporters to the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries met on Sunday to plot their strategy

Guinea Pig

Anybody notice that the United States consumer is already a Guinea Pig? From GMO foods to not inspecting foods to not being able to trace the country of origin on foods to increasing reports of disease with not even an answer from the FDA? Add to that the increasing supply chain costs (oil), who here thinks it's a great idea to put the nation's food supply on some global trading commodity on a host of fronts, from safety to national interest to security?

I sure as hell don't and why is it we have some funky organization where 152 members can gang up on the US?

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