Do not Give IBM Stimulus Contracts

Do we really want our Stimulus money, U.S. taxpayer money going to India? Well, if they let IBM get at it we assuredly will.

As the economy continues to reel from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and jobless claims amass in droves, creating jobs for American workers has become a focal point of American recovery. As the stimulus money is being doled out, one notorious outsourcer has developed a media campaign to get stimulus money for smart grid technologies.

IBM announced that is planning to seek a portion of the $2.5 billion that was set aside to stimulate broadband rollouts for rural America. Smart grid systems deliver electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy and cost. This electricity network is being promoted by numerous governments as a way to address energy independence and global warming.

Brain Dead Friedman Dutifully Writes Propaganda for His Corporate Lobbyist Masters

I'm sorry but this guy is a fucking idiot. Now Friedman takes some incredibly racist comment from some Indian newspaper claiming Indians would pay their mortgage because not to do so is shameful (as if Americans think it's ok to not pay their bills?????) and complete fiction that a temporary visa holder will buy up subprime houses (uh, you are temporary, why the hell would you buy a house in a temporary visa?)
As if magically an American worker given a decent job would not magically buy a home.

Hello asshat! Have you seen the layoffs in the United States, the numbers of unemployed Americans? Anyone connect the idea that income might have something to do with getting a mortgage?

AP Investigation: Bail Out Banks sought foreign workers instead of U.S. workers!

This is a bombshell. Banks, while receiving billions in TARP bail out money and firing U.S. workers right and left sought foreign workers. The associated press did an investigation on where your taxpayer money is going and this is what they found!

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Major U.S. banks sought government permission to bring thousands of foreign workers into the country for high-paying jobs even as the system was melting down last year and Americans were getting laid off, according to an Associated Press review of visa applications.

Obama Stimulus Plan Funds Offshore Outsourcing! Technical Jobs for Americans Denied!

This is pure outrage! Here is our Congress, supposedly out to create jobs in the United States for Americans and this is what they do!

IT amendment for US workers, US companies stripped by Congressional Democrats from Stimulus:

Congressional Democrats stripped from President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan a local lawmaker's bid to assure that American high-tech companies would get jobs funded by that plan.

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Upper St. Clair, said his amendment would have required that any health information technology system bought under a $20 billion grant program in the stimulus package be manufactured in the United States by American workers.

India Firing Foreigners, Hiring Local Citizens

While U.S. corporations fire U.S. citizens yet demand even more foreign workers...India is actually firing foreign executives, workers and hiring their own citizens instead.

Expatriate executives, who were the flavour of the season when India was riding high on a 9%-plus growth rate, are now becoming the first ones to get the pink slip as Indian industry, hit by the slowdown, starts looking within the country for inexpensive hires.

Intel Microsoft Lay Off U.S. Workers While Demanding More Foreign Guest Workers

This is a pretty incredible report by CNET:

Microsoft said Monday it had no plans to change its position on H-1Bs.

Last year, when Bill Gates appeared before Congress, BusinessWeek reported that Microsoft had received 959 visa petition approvals, roughly "one fifth as many as Infosys (Technologies, the top participant), while Intel got 369."

When it reported its quarterly earnings last week, Microsoft announced plans to fire about 5,000 employees. A spokesman said that some of the employees let go held H-1B visas but declined to get more specific.

Intel, which last week announced plans to close two plants in the U.S., similarly said that layoffs resulting from the economic slowdown would not factor into the company's H-1B plans.

I also have to include this line, which should be geek quote of the week:

UK Considering Ban on Foreign Guest Workers Due to Labor Market Conditions

The United States seems to be the only country left which ignores labor economics and labor market realities.

The UK may shut its doors on foreign professionals:

Britain is planning to ban advertising jobs overseas due to economic meltdown, a process which could hit Indian professionals aspiring for employment opportunities in the UK.

The government is mulling an idea to ensure that existing jobs go to British workers. The employers are being forced to notify vacancies in employment agencies within Britain to prioritise local candidates.

Indians are among the largest foreign professionals working in Britain. Every day, thousands of jobs are being cut across the sectors in Britain. Official figures suggest that unemployment figure is reaching the 2 million mark, for the first time since the mid-1990s.

Is Silicon Valley Trying to Buy the Presidency? Yet another Outsourcer, Symantec, for Commerce Secretary

Yes this is an incredible title but an incredible pattern is emerging. First we had the notorious we want to be a Chinese company offshore outsourcer CISCO CTO, Padmasree Warrior being considered for our Government CTO.

Now we have reports of another notorious offshore outsourcer and promoter of labor arbitrage of engineers, Symantec CEO, John W. Thompson, being considered for Commerce Secretary, the slot vacated by Bill Richardson.

Corporations Who Lobby for Guest Workers Having Massive Layoffs

Here come the tech layoffs. Microsoft is laying off 5,000, including R&D engineers. Intel shuts 4 plants and lays off 6000, 1000 from Oregon alone.

Ebay will surely announce soon for their quarterly earnings dropped 31% and the largest garage sale in the world should be more recession proof.

DOL Labor Secretary Solis on H-1B Guest Worker Visas

Firstly, may I just state that Senator Isakson is spewing pure fiction. The H-1B Visa is called the outsourcing Visa by Indian offshore outsourcers because they are dependent on guest worker Visas to facilitate training of their staff by U.S. workers (who then get fired), and technology transfer. There also is no worker shortage whatsoever of U.S. citizens in these occupational areas. The idea that somehow firing US workers, denying US workers a career and opportunity creates jobs is pure corporate lobbyist spin and is Fictional Employment Theory.