Difference Between American League and National League

I questioned things that didn't make sense instead of just playing. When I was a kid I couldn't understand the difference between the two major leagues. Nobody could explain to me the reason there was a difference. Soon after I had the same problem with the stock market. I couldn't understand how money could be made by selling the same stock back and forth. When I figured out that money can't be made by selling stock back and forth I then got the same answer when I was a kid. Why do you have to ruin it with questions, just play the game.

Developing and Protecting Resources

This country and the people in it are a great resource for stabilizing and protecting the world. Conservative policies will deteriorate this resource. Instead of driving the dependent people into oblivion with negative tax policies we should protect and develop that resource with productive tax policies. Taxation should benefit the country. Rewarding entrepreneurs that invest in jobs producing ventures would benefit the country. More people working would generate more tax revenue to reward more jobs producing investors.

Effects and influences of the extreme ends of the widening income gap.

A subjective observation sees growing disrespect for law and order at each end of the money column. The higher end is fraught with self help. Expenditures to make more money easier is the technology. Front running is somehow legitimized on a limited basis. There is pressure pushing Dodd Frank aside to clear the way for another windfall before the crash. The social and financial effects of unlimited resources are expanding away from an economy. Goods and services are obsolete.

Simple solution that is an impossible task. Put people to work.

Instead of giving people a reason to die. e.g. Promising virgins or some other spiritual reward. Give them a reason to live. e.g. A life style sustaining job. Poor broke disheartened people are easy prey for any radical.
Money tends to solve problems. Jobs that can actually sustain life with a little extra discretionary cash would give people a reason to live and plan for the future. There are references to higher levels of crime and violence in low or no income neighborhoods. Eliminate those neighborhoods and there may be a drop in crime and violence.

March trade deficit increases 43%; should have minimal impact on 1st quarter GDP

Our March trade deficit surged to the highest level in nearly 7 years as the ending of the west coast dock strike allowed ships that had been sitting offshore to unload.  The March report on our international trade in goods and services showed that our seasonally adjusted goods and services deficit rose by $15.5 billion, or 43%, to $51.4 billion in March, from a revised February deficit of $35.9 billion, which had itself fallen by $6.8 billion from January while the strike was underway.

A Vote for Sanders is a Vote for Warren

According to the Boston Herald, upon the news of Senator Bernie Sanders running for President, Senator Elizabeth Warren said, “I’m glad to see him get out there and give his version of what leadership in this country should be. I think that Bernie Sanders is going to play out a vision for America, and that it is important for people to hear what he has to say.”

Run Jimmy Duncan Run!

I consider myself an across-the-board conservative but of the paleo sort, therefore I tend to disagree with mainstream conservatives on a few issues, most notably foreign policy. I say this to indicate that I am not a single issue voter. I have several issues that I prioritize in importance when evaluating a candidate. A discussion of which ones and why would take a separate article, but suffice it to say that foreign policy is currently the most important issue I consider, and unfortunately, given the current dynamic, it is usually a criteria I use to rule out supporting a candidate.

What Good is a Tax Raising Republican?

God put the Republican Party on earth to cut taxes. If they don't do that, they have no useful function. ~ Robert Novak

Recently the “Republican” dominated Georgia House and Senate passed a massive tax increase to fund booty for the transportation lobby … err … I mean future transportation projects. The increase was enthusiastically supported by Georgia’s “Republican” Governor, Nathan Deal. It passed the Georgia Senate by 42-12 and the House by 129-41. That's embarrassing.

A new Etiquette de Toilette: Let's stop flushing forests and wasting water

When you slip into the restroom for a little tinkle, you probably don't realize that you are participating in massive environmental genocide -- but you are. Millions of gallons of water swoosh down the tubes every day, even as water becomes an ever-more precious and limited resource, and the specter of global drought and conflict looms (the U.S. has declared water a "national security issue"). On top of that, more than the equivalent of 9.8 million trees are flushed down the toilet every year, according to Claude Martin of Worldwide Fund for Nature.

Foreclosure Starts Rise 5.5% in January; Foreclosure Pipeline Still Well Over 4 Years Long

The Mortgage Monitor (pdf) from Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS, formerly LPS Data & Analytics) is a mostly graphics presentation that covers a variety of mortgage related issues each month. After summarizing the monthly stats, we'll take a look at a few of the graphics from this month's section on foreclosures.