CIT goes into a pre-packaged bankruptcy.

The WSJ has a story up (HT to Calculated Risk) about the impending bankruptcy at CIT.

The company plans to file for bankruptcy in New York as soon as Sunday night or early Monday, said people familiar with the matter. CIT is poised to enter bankruptcy with enough creditor support to approve its reorganization plan and shorten its stay in Chapter 11 ...

... CIT asked bondholders to vote on a prepackaged bankruptcy plan, which would give most bondholders new debt it values at 70 cents on the dollar, and all the equity in a restructured company.

On the up side, it great that this thing is going into a prepackaged bankruptcy. We've seen this at GM and Chrysler. It allows them to emerge stronger. So in the long term the economy will be better off for this, but.....

As Keynes said, in the long term we are all dead.