Give Them The Money

Give Them the Money!

Who am I talking about?  Why the United States Auto Manufacturers of course.

America, you've got it all backwards. The outrage should be directed at the financial bail out, not at the automobile manufacturers.

A poll says 61% of Americans oppose the bail out of the auto industry and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Auto Bail Out bill is dead, they don't have the votes.

More interesting in the poll, people do not believe the collapse of the auto industry will affect them. Well, I have news for you, it will affect you, probably more than you can imagine.

Manufacturing Monday: Week of 11.24.08

Greetings folks, first day of the workweek, and welcome to another edition of Manufacturing Monday. I had planned to put this out earlier in the day, but had to deal with a turkey situation (hint: dogs); plus other holiday-related madness. So anyways, we got some good stuff for you today. First on our highlighted list is a story on GM's board. Then we got two industrial-esc jobs updates, first on coal then in green-collar world. Finally, I want to finish off today's edition with something special, a music video! No...not me singing, but a reader sent it to me and thought you should all see it. So a shout out to Amber for bringing this to my attention, you rock! And with that we go to...the Numbers!

The Numbers

Detroit Bailout

One topic no one mentions in the Detroit Bailout controversy is all the offshoring that has been, and still continues, in the auto industry.  GM just announced new plants in Brazil, Russia and India, coinciding with plant closings in America.
Guess where the bailout money will go?



General Motors to invest $1 bn in Brazil plant

Wed, Nov 19 11:49 AM

Friday Movie Night - Roger & Me

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


Roger & Me

GM, along with Ford and Chrysler are now asking for $25 Billion dollars. We are hearing devastating reports of 3 million jobs lost, 4% decline in US GDP, in other words a tail spin cocktail for a bad economy, if GM or the US automakers were allowed to go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


With the Auto Bail Out theme, I thought it appropriate to show Michael Moore's famous documentary Roger & Me.


Google video has the entire documentary online to watch. (click the link). Note, you can watch this full screen.

If you have not seen this it's a treat and if you have, notice some of the same similarities. Pets or Meat!

Much ado about GM, Part 2 of 3

In our first installment, we introduced you to the current battle for the fate of General Motors. We highlighted why they share some if not all of the blame for their current situation. We talked about the various sides involved in one way or another with the situation of GM. Today we tackle the big question, what many deemed “unthinkable” previously, what bankruptcy would mean for General Motors and you.

Now many have called on for General Motors to declare bankruptcy. Many of these folks believe that this filing would completely destroy the company. While this may be a possibility, people tend to confuse between the type of bankruptcy that GM most likely would file and the one they may have in their mind.

Why Does the EPA Hate America?

I'm having a rare moment of optimism. Keeping up with news of the coming transformation of the American auto industry has been like trying to drink from a fire hose. The bottom line is this Detroit's got it's mojo back. But the EPA is placing the revival of the American auto industry in jeopardy in order to benefit a foreign competitor, Toyota.

Here's the problem.

The EPA hates American industry.

I swear to God. We finally get a winner in the American auto industry, and the EPA decides to take them out like a rogue quarterback.

The Chevy Volt is a revolutionary vehicle that has the ability to drastically cut US oil consumption. And it's part of new fleets from GM and Chrysler that recognize the new reality. The era of cheap gas is over, and the price we pay for oil is in both blood and dollars.

Is Detroit Getting Ready to Retool to Make Small Cars?

Another interesting story from Der Spiegel.

German carmaker Opel, owned by American automobile giant General Motors, as well as the European division of Ford could both profit from the current crisis at their mothership companies across the big pond. GM and Ford have been hit hard by falling sales of gas-guzzling pickup trucks and SUVs. With drivers having to pay an average of over $4 per gallon, sales of larger cars have slowed to a trickle, blindsiding US automakers, who have focused for years on the formerly lucrative truck and SUV market. Unable to quickly retool to develop their own fuel-efficient models, GM and Ford are both reviewing their units in Europe -- where compact and subcompact models are far more prevalent -- for possible models that could be produced for the American market.