Paulson plan

Why the Wall Street Bailout will Harm average Americans -- even if it works!

Even if the $700 Billion Wall Street Bailout, together with the $Trillion or more pumped by the Federal Reserve into Wall Street banks and their counterparties, succeed spectacularly in rescuing the economy from financial meltdown, even if they succeed in generating +GDP and economic recovery for years to come -- in short, even if they succeed beyond just about anyone's wildest expectations -- they will almost certainly still work harm on the average American household.

The political bailout of Wall Street will do harm because it is the biggest single example of "trickle down" economics in our nation's history, a particularly toxic "trickle" because the inflation it creates will affect prices long before the cash wends its way from fatcat corporate cronies to average consumers. This is the problem of "first/early receivers" vs. "late/non-receivers" of new money or credit. How it applies to the Wall Street Bailouts I will explain below.