An Update on Financial Reform Legislative Shenanigans

Update: The bill passed, 59-39. Next stop will be the conference committee, where a manager's amendment along with other modifications are possible.

Update: Republicans blocked the Merkley-Levin amendment. The amendment which would have stopped proprietary trading with taxpayers, account holders money. Nasdaq News:

Two of the most anxiously awaited amendments to the U.S. Senate's financial-overhaul bill will not get votes after Republicans maneuvered to kill a controversial plan to sharply curb a lucrative Wall Street trading business.

As the endgame on the bill drew close, Republican leaders convinced U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback (R., Kan.) to withdraw his hot-button amendment that would have excluded auto dealers from oversight by the new consumer watchdog created by the bill.

Brownback's move effectively squashed a second, contentious amendment that had been attached, for strategic reason, to the Brownback amendment. The second amendment--hotly opposed by Wall Street--would have banned most banks from using their own capital to make market bets, so-called proprietary trading.

While We Watch Our Senate Sell America Down the River....

Let's take a moment to watch some videos on what is really happening on main street. Note, by voice vote the entire Senate turned down Bernie Sander's attempt to get the people who got filthy rich from this for it. Nope. Senators instead turn reality on it's head and claim they are not doing what they indeed are doing...bailing out Wall Street.


This one is about a Southern California Area Called the Inland Empire:


Populist Politician Pick - Barry Welsh

The Persnickety Populist Presents.... The Populist Politician Pick of the Week.

Populism Soapbox

The Election season is upon us.   With all of the pontificatin' and politickin', who really has the United States national interest, the middle class, and working America in mind really when it comes to policy? 

Tough to figure out eh?

Most Populists want dramatic trade policy change based on sound economic and labor economics theory. Most Populists want a removal of corporate corruption from government. Most Populists want representatives to actually represent what their constituents want. Finally, most Populists want American workers placed front and center in any policy strategy.

Each Week, until the election, The Economic Populist will overview candidates who are particularly strong in trade, economic, labor positions.

Gas Prices - DO SOMETHING!

People, how hard is it? While candidates spew and describe the problem, people are going broke and the economy can potentially grind to a halt over gas prices! Here we are in an election and when almost every American knows what to do, our government cannot even get it together to pass initiatives and emergency legislation!

Here are some ideas to do something and do something right now!

  1. Telecommuting