Rep. Marcy Kaptur Launches Campaign for House Leadership Vice-Chair of Dem. Caucus

Update: Kaptur lost.

Becerra was the only member of the Democratic leadership who faced a vote of the entire caucus. He won in a 175-67 vote over Kaptur, who mounted a late challenge and attempted to appeal to centrist and conservative Democrats who had voiced concern about the liberal tilt of the new leadership team.

Kaptur said that her support came from a “broad–based coalition from the whole fly-over-state part of the country.”

Kaptur — who is a member of the liberal-leaning Progressive Caucus — ran on a geography platform, handing out small maps of the country with blue flags planted in Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina and California and asking for her colleagues to “[Bring] the Heartland to Leadership.”

So much for Progressives and Populists getting a voice.

House Passes Paulson's Wall Street Bail Out

Due to the prophetic pontificatin', perks, pork and persuasion....

House Passes Paulson's Bail Out Plan

Now the question is will it do anything beyond hand over taxpayer money to Wall Street, delay the inevitable, exacerbate the real problems and dump this entire mess on the next administration. Personally I am just horrified how our Congress shoves this down the throat of the American people claiming it's for main street. Such a lie.

Congress "Agreement Reached" Bail Out Done Deal

AP is reporting breaking news that the bail out is a done deal.

Then....a few paragraphs down talks about resistance from GOP leaders (now this is shocking, they are wary?).


Most everything that everyone is asking for as a condition to put this together has already been agreed to and is in the bill," he said. He said the "votes are there" for passage in both chambers

Oh really? I doubt that for seemingly just a few finance committee chairs were involved and the people really speaking up were ignored.

Will Update this thread as details emerge.


Congressman Chris Shays:

The most important thing we need to do is not let the market crash

Game of Chicken Against the Imaginary Clock - BailOut May "Drag" until Next Week

Oh isn't that awful? I guess they want that $1 trillion dollars right now.

CNBC reports on the details.

Supposedly Democrats have the gall to ask that these bastards leveraging their companies 40:1 and pocketing the cash not have their multi-million dollar golden parachutes and that is the sticking point.

Here is what Democrats want, which appear to be the shares and unless I'm reading this wrong, nothing about paying good money for worthless debt.

Limitation on Authority

1. In General

The Secretary may not purchase, or make any commitment to purchase, any troubled asset unless the Secretary receives contingent shares in the financial institution from which such assets are to be purchased equal in value to the purchase price of the assets to be purchased.

2. Shares To Be Received

A.) Contingent Shares

i.) In General

Like the Mob, Banks say "You Need Protection" or Else! Pay up!

It appears (finally) Congress might step in on those exorbitant overdraft and over the limit fees that the banks like to call Protection.

Did you know banks automatically enroll you in their Protection schemes which instead of plain bouncing the check, provide you with a loan which comes with hefty, hefty fees? Anyone else reminded of a movie scene when mobsters shake down the neighborhood for protection money?

CNN has the Raw Deal:

It appears two Democrats in the house have introduced a bill, Consumer Overdraft Protection Fair Practices Act

Consumers would have to "opt-in" to overdraft protection programs and banks would be required to inform consumers when they are about to overdraw their accounts."

Congress Reacts to Soaring Unemployment by Proposing More Foreign Workers


I didn't make up the title, they called it as it is. This article is from Aug. 1st.

Believe it or not, one of these bills, H.R. 2882 was voted out of committee by Democrats and thus will probably be up for a vote on the House floor. Meanwhile in the Senate:

U.S. E-Verify is set to expire in November, and its reauthorization is being blocked by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) who is insisting that the bill include a provision to "recapture" work- and family-based immigration visas dating back to 1992

Beware of the Lame Duck.

Congress Kisses Bill Gate's A**....again!

Yes, believe it or not, while heading towards a recession and companies like Chrysler firing Americans yet keeping cheaper H-1B Guest workers, we have Bill Gates getting his very own hearing to spread his own personal propaganda before Congress.

See Bill Gates Busted - Lies to Press and Congress for last year's free reign propaganda show, courtesty of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Ya know, here we are in an election cycle and we have Democrats selling US workers down the river, brazenly so.