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Who Are Getting the Jobs? Immigrants

Reuters has taken the plunge and released a comprehensive study on the foreign born versus U.S. born workers and who is getting the jobs. The time period is from 2008-2010.

From 2008 to 2010, 1.1 million new migrants who have entered America since 2008 landed jobs, even as U.S. household employment declined by 6.26 million over that same period.

But in a sign of the times, the pace of job growth for new arrivals has also slowed, to an average of 550,000 a year from 2008 to 2010 from over 750,000 a year from 2000 to 2008.

Sum said it was fair to estimate that around 35 percent of these workers were undocumented or illegal.

Many immigrants acquired jobs in traditional low-wage work associated with foreign, undocumented and especially Mexican labor: hotels and food services, retail trade, sanitation, cleaning and construction.

The BLS does not release or collect data by country of origin and actual immigration status. Therefore, one has mixed in to the foreign born BLS labor statistic, those who arrived in the United States as infants, those on temporary guest worker Visas, those who immigrated permanently and those who border hopped, visitor Visa jumped and are here illegally.

Watch out for some quotes in the article. There are many legitimate methods for unskilled workers to enter the country legally. About 13 of them, such as the H-2B Visa, the AG worker Visa (H-2A), the L-1 Visa and the list goes on and on.

Named DOL Secretary Pushed to Labor Arbitrage U.S. Workers - Congress Rep. Hilda Solis

Ut oh. Obama passed over true middle class advocate, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro for yet another Corporate H-1B Guest worker Visa pusher.

Solis cosponsored the STRIVE act, the most notorious labor arbitrage bill targeting American workers, especially those in the Professional (STEM, S&T) career areas.

Pfizer Forcing U.S. Citizens to Train H-1B Guest Worker Replacements Before Being Fired

This is one of the most disgusting and egregious corporate acts I can think of.

Pfizer Accused of Using U.S. Workers to Train Foreign Replacements:

Pfizer's outsourcing contract with Infosys Technologies and Satyam Computer Services means job losses for IT workers in Connecticut. Many U.S.-based contractors are complaining that they are being asked to train H-1B workers who will soon replace them.

Unfortunately we have heard this story repeatedly. Professionals have testified before Congress and multiple reports have witnessed this despicable treatment before throwing away U.S. workers.

DHS Changes Rules for TN NAFTA Visa

This is pretty incredible, not public comment, no hearing, no Congress. U.S. increases working visa to 3 years:

Canadian and Mexican Trade NAFTA (TN) professionals can now apply for a U.S. work visa lasting up to 3 years under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has increased the maximum period from one to three years.

This makes it equal to the initial period of admission given to H-1B professional workers.

Eligible TN non-immigrants may now be allowed to receive extensions of stay in increments of up to three years instead of the prior maximum period of stay of one year.

The TN visa category is open to Canadians and Mexicans with at least a bachelor’s degree or similar professional qualifications working in areas such as accountancy, engineering, science and teaching.

This Election is About 12M Illegal Immigrants

This election is about the 12 million people living in the shadows, the communities taking immigration enforcement into their own hand. They are counting on us to stop the hateful rhetoric filling our airwaves, and rise above the fear, and rise above the demagoguery, and finally enact comprehensive immigration reform.

That's a quote from Barack Obama. Bet you didn't know that. I bet a lot of Americans don't know that.

"Innovation Employment Act" - Giffords-D-AZ - would double H-1b

From Kim Berry, President, Programmer's Guild:

(RO: please use this list to post this kind of action alerts!)

Thanks Ron Hira for spot-on rebuke of the "worker protections."

Note Giffords' sleight-of-hand in this paragraph - the bill does NOTHING to limit H-1b use by "outsourcing companies" TCS, Infosys.

"The bill would prohibit companies from hiring H-1B workers, then outsourcing them to other companies, he said. H-1B opponents have complained that outsourcing companies are among the top users of H-1B visas."

Why are companies of less than 50 employees allowed to be 100% H-1b?