Intel - Invest in the United States

This just shocks me but is such a pleasant surprise. Paul Otellini, Intel CEO called on other corporations to invest in the United States.

What I'm asking is that other companies join us

This $7 billion dollar 32nm FAB announcement plus the new corporate patriotism speech won the ear of the President.

Now this is a change, a shock. Intel is even shutting down a FAB in China.

Intel has been notorious to labor arbitrage workers, pay less than other chip manufacturers and offshore outsource.

Just like every other corporation, Intel seemed to care less about the United States, it's workers and the national whammo, something has significantly changed.

Intel Microsoft Lay Off U.S. Workers While Demanding More Foreign Guest Workers

This is a pretty incredible report by CNET:

Microsoft said Monday it had no plans to change its position on H-1Bs.

Last year, when Bill Gates appeared before Congress, BusinessWeek reported that Microsoft had received 959 visa petition approvals, roughly "one fifth as many as Infosys (Technologies, the top participant), while Intel got 369."

When it reported its quarterly earnings last week, Microsoft announced plans to fire about 5,000 employees. A spokesman said that some of the employees let go held H-1B visas but declined to get more specific.

Intel, which last week announced plans to close two plants in the U.S., similarly said that layoffs resulting from the economic slowdown would not factor into the company's H-1B plans.

I also have to include this line, which should be geek quote of the week:

Corporations Who Lobby for Guest Workers Having Massive Layoffs

Here come the tech layoffs. Microsoft is laying off 5,000, including R&D engineers. Intel shuts 4 plants and lays off 6000, 1000 from Oregon alone.

Ebay will surely announce soon for their quarterly earnings dropped 31% and the largest garage sale in the world should be more recession proof.

Intel Creates 2nd China investment fund - $500M

Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's global investment organization, today announced its second China investment fund, the Intel Capital China Technology Fund II. The new US$500 million fund will be used for Intel Capital investments in wireless broadband, technology, media, telecommunications and “clean tech” that complement Intel's corporate initiatives and help expand technology market segments in China