promotion/demotion system

Site change, Blog posts must now be promoted to front page by users

The site structure has changed. Now all blog posts go into the blog queue and do not start out on the front page.

All posts must now be promoted, or voted up to the front page. See the up/down arrow at the bottom left of each post.

This change is to reduce clutter on the front page as well as for quality control.

It requires everyone to read the new blogs section, now at the top of the site as well as vote on posts to promote them to the front page.

Read the about section for more posting details.

Any issues, problems, complaints, leave them in the comments.

This is a temporary solution until the site upgrade is complete.

All RSS feeds right now remain a queue, based on posting time, with no waiting, as well as the real blog page.

The layout and the theme was also changed. This is also temporary until the upgrade is complete.

Also the Forum categories were reorganized to help with better categorization and navigation.