How the EP Promotion/Demotion Rating System Works

The Economic Populist has a content promotion and demotion system. Literally your vote can push an Instapopulist, or forum post to the front page or remove a blog post from the front page.

In other words, EP registered users control the content on the site, including the publication and placement of the content.

If enough people vote down a post, it will be unpublished, in other words, removed from the site.

When a post is unpublished, all comment trees attached to that post are also unpublished.

EPers please use the content system when you see an obvious spammer or someone posting a promotional item for another website, glorified advertising! These are hand spammers and they try to get free advertising as well as manipulate site rankings by spamming other sites with their advertisements. These posts are not real bloggers, so please treat them as such.