The Federal Reserve Destroyed Our Site

Dear Economic Populist Readers.  You may have noticed we have stopped publishing articles.  This is because the Saint Louis Federal Reserve Fred Graph system was changed without even a warning.  They removed the very fast, professional economic graphing system and API, which we used heavily, and replaced it with more of a toy.

Site Upgrade!

Hello All Economic Populists. The site has been upgraded. We're still adding features and fine tuning the site. For now, if anyone has any problems logging in, using the site, funky display, or any other problems, please let us know.

We've had to do some of the design in place, due to the difficulty of such a fast moving site and limited server resources. So, please let us know any problems, but be aware we are also designing, making changes as fast as we can.

EP Upgrade Site Wish List

The Economic Populist will be upgraded. It's quite a massive job but it needs to be done.

Right now I can tell you the upgraded site will be based on Drupal and many of the site features which are custom to The Economic Populist will be ported.

With that, I am asking for a wish list from users.

What kind of features do you want? They can be in your imagination to things you might want from other sites.

I'll read all requests.

Here is the first example. We can use scribd to embed into web pages any spreadsheet, power point presentations.

We can also use Google API to integrate any features desired from Google.

I can also embed the use of LaTex. LaTex is a document formatting language, designed specifically for advanced mathematical formula presentations.