5 Million Jobs - That's How Many Jobs Were Lost Due to Bad Trade Deals

There is a new Economic Policy Institute paper (pdf), The burden of outsourcing:   U.S. non-oil trade deficit costs more than 5 million jobs

The U.S. trade deficit has a corrosive effect on U.S. workers and the domestic economy. In 2007, 5.6 million jobs were lost or displaced by the U.S. non-oil trade deficit. Despite strong export growth over the past few years, that deficit still totaled $473 billion in 2007, only $48 billion less than its record peak in 2006. More than 4 million (70%) of the jobs displaced by non-oil trade in 2007 were in the manufacturing sector. Elimination of the U.S. non-oil trade deficit could support millions of new jobs in export industries and contribute to the revitalization of U.S. manufacturing.

5.6 million jobs

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