On Again, Off Again, Paulson Now Says Auto Bail out from TARP will happen "quickly"

Does this sound like yankin' one's chain or what?

Bloomerg quotes Treasury Hank Paulson as saying:

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said U.S. automakers will receive a federal aid package as soon as the government can draft a suitable plan that ensures the companies’ long-term survival.

“The autos will get the money as quickly as we can prudently do it,” Paulson said today in a CNBC interview. “Right now what I’m thinking about is autos.”

Paulson also says a plan will take a lot of work.

Now why is that? You pushed money towards the entire financial sector in record time flat!

Oh yes, with regard to manufacturing, they must do it right.

Paulson also said he has no plans to seek the rest of the TARP money.

Here is a link to the CNBC video of the interview.

We also now have a classic Bushism. On CNN he said:

I have abandoned free-market principles to save the free- market system

Right o. Doesn't work without regulation and management, now does it?

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