Americans Stop Shopping - Retail Sales Lowest in 16 years

Retail Sales Fall 2.8%.

The Commerce Department said Friday retail and food sales fell 2.8% from September, and 4.1% from the October 2007. The month-over-month decline is the largest in 16 years, and surpasses the previous record set in November 2001.

From Economic Indicators (Commerce Department):

retail sales 11/08

One can see autos have dropped through the floor.

Autos were 60,501, down from 78,967 one year ago but so is Gas!

Gas is down from 43,821 to 38,275 in one month.

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How long?

If auto sales have dropped through the floor, how long before we see deflation actually affecting their prices?

And just who are the surplus liquidators who will need to step in?

I'll give them a hint: Do a conversion to an all-electric drivetrain on a hummer, and I might consider it.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.