Bank Failure Friday - 6! Death toll at 130

It's Friday night and that means our latest tally of failed banks.

This week it's quite a haul. 6 banks were seized.

They are with their costs to the FDIC:

  • The Buckhead Community Bank of Atlanta, Georgia - $241.4 million
  • First Security National Bank of Norcross, Georgia - $30.1 million
  • The Tattnall Bank of Reidsville, Georgia - $13.9 million
  • AmTrust Bank of Cleveland, Ohio - $2 billion
  • Benchmark Bank of Aurora, Illinois - $64 million
  • Greater Atlantic Bank of Reston, Virginia - $35 million

AmTrust is the 4th largest bank failure this year and had survived the Great Depression.

Here's a map from CNN of the location of the bank failures:

bank failures

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