BoA Pulls Jobs Offers to H-1B Guest workers

It seems our worker friendly clause which said TARP recipients first had to consider qualified U.S. workers before bringing in more foreign workers on H-1B guest worker Visas is working:

Bank of America has become the first US bank to withdraw job offers made to MBA students graduating from US business schools this summer, citing conditions laid out in its bail-out deal as the reason.

The recently passed $787bn stimulus bill in effect prevents financial institutions that have received money from the government’s troubled asset relief programme from applying for H1-B visas for highly skilled immigrants if they have recently made US workers redundant.

BofA, which has received a total of $45bn in Tarp funds, is in the process of digesting two large acquisitions – Countrywide, the mortgage broker, and Merrill Lynch – which will see thousands of jobs lost.

Believe this or not, there are those who don't quite get how these guest worker Visas are used to age discriminate and lower the overall salaries of professional workers. That we have highly qualified Americans in all sorts of professional occupations who are simply displaced through the use of foreign guest worker Visas. These Visas are also heavily used to facilitate transfer of work offshore.

Will our universities now realize that maybe they should be first and foremost giving opportunity to U.S. citizens? They too take billions in taxpayer funds yet the U.S. citizen rejection rates for undergraduate and graduate school are through the roof.

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This is the typical

This is the typical protectionist mindset.
Whoever says these Banks have taken Americans money should go and read. It’s the Tax payers money and H1B holders pay the same about of tax as the citizens do.
Everyone is an immigrate to this country.
It may not be you but your parents, gradeparents who were onces like these H1Bs.
It’s a land of opportunity for all who work hard and dream for a better life.
Just because you guys have come here a few decades earlier then these H1Bs, you want them to kill their american dreams?

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no, you do not have a right to American jobs

There was no H-1B guest worker Visa program before 1990 and there is an oversupply of labor. No, you do not get to come to the United States, take a citizens's job, ruin their career, have that citizen train you in their skills, reduce salaries and wages and enable age discrimination in this country. I have a funny feeling if this was going on in India there would be riots in the streets. Oh yeah, there already were when a U.S. company tried to fire India workers. And India is firing foreigners right and left to give those jobs to their citizens. I guess that's ok when India puts it's labor force, it's citizens first, but lord somehow that doesn't apply to America when we have people losing their careers left and right, their ability to earn a living due to this glorified slave trade of unlimited cheaper labor?

This is NOT about immigration, it's about cheap labor, global labor arbitrage and domestic labor forces. It's about ensuring career stability and opportunity for a nation's their own country.

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H-1b's are not immigrants

I've got an extremely complex personal genome, so bear with me a little bit, however:

1. My grandmother on my father's side was an immigrant to this country- at age 16 her parents brought her across the border from Alberta to North Dakota. Her "port of entry" didn't exist by the late 1960s, and the lack of record of her naturalization prevented my uncles from getting top secret clearance. But no, she wasn't an H-1b, she was an immigrant.

2. My great-great-great grandfather, Colonel James Cox, married a woman who came here from Germany in the 1840s. They moved to Newberg Oregon from someplace back east just after the Civil War, which he fought in- by marrying her, she became a naturalized citizen. She too was a true immigrant.

3. I've got Klickitat and Cherokee ancestors- in a way, the US Government immigrated in on THEM. All became naturalized citizens in the end- even though they were born within the borders of what is NOW the United States.

However, H-1bs don't have this option- it's in the law, it's a NON-IMMIGRANT visa. You're not even supposed to be able to have a path to citizenship from it. And that's the main reason I'm personally opposed to it. I can compete against any recent immigrant for jobs- I can't compete against somebody planning on getting rich in 6 years and retiring to the third world.

And as somebody who has BOTH ancestors who came here in the last 100 years, AND ancestors who have been on this continent for 40,000 years, damn it, I shouldn't have to.

Moral hazards would not exist in a system designed to eliminate fraud.

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Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.


The HB-1 program has been lobbied for by big business on the premise that it's needed (1) to remain globally competitive: and (2)to mitigate the fact that the U.S. education system doesn't produce enough skilled knowledge workers. It's a pretext, and rubbish. Much of the "skilled" foreign labor is here due to state subsidized education.
We have the talent here. I personally know many...many highly skilled engineers and MBAs here in Silicon Valley (and elsewhere) who are now--and have long been--under employed. HB-1 is not too too unlike the sex slave industry,
albeit there are significant differences.:-)

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more than you know!

Recently there was another H-1B Fraud bust where this "CEO" was bringing over some very good looking women from Eastern Europe, cough, cough for "jobs" inside his company....

magically all of these "candidates" were extremely physically attractive....

but in this case it was his own personal "stable".

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No Labor Shortages Nowadays

H-1Bs are NOT immigrants.

They are explicitly NON-immigrant visas meant for guest workers to fill TEMPORARY LABOR SHORTAGES.

Please be sure to make a clear distinction between "temporary guest worker" and "immigrant".

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