China Gives Death Sentence for Corporate Crime

One cannot argue the Chinese really don't mess around on corporate crime. Death over Chinese Milk:

Death penalty over Chinese milk
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One man has been given the death penalty and another a life sentence for their involvement in China's contaminated milk scandal.

Zhang Yujun and Zhang Yanzhang were accused of involvement in producing a melamine-laced powder that enabled milk to appear higher in protein.

The so-called "protein powder" was then sold to dairies, and led to the deaths of six children and made 300,000 ill.

Several other businessmen and executives are due to be sentenced.

The death sentence of Zhang Yujun was the first to be handed down by Shijiazhuang Intermediate People's Court in northern China, where the Sanlu dairy, which was at the centre of the scandal, is based.

Zhang Yujun was convicted of endangering public security by producing and selling milk laced with the industrial chemical melamine, Xinhua news agency reports.

Here in the United States, Madoff gets an ankle bracelet and on bail, living in a 7 million dollar apartment while awaiting trial.

His Ponzi scheme has resulted in $50 billion dollars disappearing and at least two suicides.

I wonder what would happen to corporate crime in the United States if we modeled the Chinese in justice.

I haven't even started on the many incidents of corporate crime which resulted in hundreds of deaths.

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Slight difference though

Nobody died in Madoff's Ponzi scheme. Several children died in the contaminated milk scandal in China. One could almost call it premeditated homicide, given the profits involved.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

true, but....

There have been many incidents of corporate crime where people have died and no corporate officer was ever even charged. Even worse, they get out of a civil lawsuit.

Wait a minute

Someone did die because of the Madoff scheme....and we also have one of his lieutenants in Europe missing or on the run from some Russian investors.

they did die

What is the suicide rate alone and are you telling me some others are plain getting gunned down? That would not surprise me, not over $50 billion dollars and some are financially ruined.

I hate to sound like a hard ass but China giving these guys life/death for putting poison into milk powder to boost profits is the first I have heard in a long time anyone, under the guise of "business" really getting any matching consequence for their crimes.

It sounds horrific but if it dawns on someone these guys in China did murder hundreds of children and then they also murdered thousands of family pets earlier....they killed
kids with toothpaste...

so the punishment really does fit the crime.

In the United States, if we have an individual killing people, they are going to get a severe punishment but if they do it under the guise of business or are incorporated, literally they get away with murder.

In the United States, it's clear only stupid people are getting busted, real consequence, for crime. It's a clear and free pass for corporate crime, white collar crime and even identity theft level of crime.

Oh Hell, RO

If I had my way, a quarter of our business leaders who exported our economy to China and India would be swinging on the gallows. Well...ok, maybe not a death sentence, but it would be something bad! As for the thieves on wall street who ruined capitalism for the rest of us....I'll go get my rope.

That rope

is made in China.