China to US Banking system: "Good bye and good luck"


Oh what a way the tables of turned, do you recall any countries that the US refused to do business with in the past?... hmmm maybe countries like Cuba.. does the word EMBARGO ring a bell? Well it looks like our Chinese counterparts are taking a lesson from our actions and giving us a taste of our own medicine. If China, one of our biggest trading partners says to “stop interbank lending to US financial institutions” that says a mouthful for worldwide sentiment. I can also expect Japan and other countries to follow suit. And I actually agree with them. Force the US to PROVE itself to the world before allowing them to continue the game. It feels as if the Us is sitting on the bench, while China and the other once “3rd world” countries are on the starting line up. I say we substitute Paulson, Bernake, Bush and Cheney. I wonder how much that would help our image.

ut oh

This is really bad news for China holds I believe it's 20% (or is that all foreigners) of US's significant.
Meanwhile in Wall Street stocks are way up thinking this is some great gift waiting under the Christmas tree.

Toxic Toys From China more like.

China to US Banking system:

Just as I had suspected this thing appears more and more to be precipitated by our "banker" , china calling in their chits.

Little wonder, "Hu" Paulson caves to china every chance he gets.

Goldman Sachs - China

It was Paulson who pushed through Goldman Sachs partnership with China while he was CEO.

Goldman Sachs - China

Robert sounds like Pauly is doing what he dose best. IMO. destroy companies.

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