CPI for February 2010

The Consumer Price Index for February 2010 is out and it is unchanged from last month.



Gas dropped 1.4% giving energy an overall drop of 0.5%. I want to note, medical care increased 0.5%. This is rarely mentioned but regardless of what's going on, every month these numbers increase. It's like an out of control weed, often masked by the energy yoyo.

Besides the yoyo on energy, one can see cash for clunkers effects really disappear as used car and trucks are up 14.1% for the year.

I just read one mainstream analysis claiming the deflationary aspect of this recession was all due to housing. While housing is heavily weighted (obviously the biggest expense is shelter for most people), look at the two categories of energy vs. housing in the below graph:



CPI-W also was unchanged. This index is used to calculate cost of living adjustments for social security.

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Cumulative CPI for FY 2010

What is the cumulative CPI for FY 2010?

2.1% not seasonally adjusted

I always download the monthly reports and put them on EP as links and attachments after I found those are hard to find as an archive and in some cases, even the raw data, in excel form was hard to locate, so the entire press release is attached. Graph 2 has the yearly to the month date CPI-U in the attached report.