CPI for September 2009

The Consumer Price Index is out for September 2009. CPI rose +0.2%, down from +0.4% in August. What's more interesting is an not seasonally adjusted yearly decline of -1.3%. The food index declines for the first time in 40 years.

Sept. 2009 CPI


CPI 09/09 minus energy

See what a difference $4 gas makes from the above.

The report mentions a decrease in rents and owner's rent equivalent, yet looking over the table, both are an unadjusted -0.1% change, from August so not a huge mover. Gassing up your car increased 0.1%, staying at a hotel really jumped and our favorite, medical care, just increased +0.4% from last month.

As a result of these deflationary pressures, social security will not get an increase adjustment for 2010.

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