Creating jobs vs taking somebody's job.

Almost everything I read reduces to taking somebody else's job. Bringing back jobs from overseas and more training takes somebody else's job. And it is excepted with enthusiasm because it is the way we have been trained all our lives. New jobs are the function of more money. Forget about all the benefits to existing companies having everybody on their team cheering for better trained workers and taking back over seas jobs. The world needs more jobs and that has to come from more money. The emphasis should be on making money work. Nobody contradicts more workers more tax revenue. Tax lazy more and give a break to working money. Almost every law to put money into a level playing field was first compromised down by special interests and then upon acceptance was subsequently demilitarized. Contrarily laws and actions have supported lazy money. To the extent that a certain kind of front running is permitted for certain traders for a fee. Laws have to be made to attract money into jobs producing investments. There cannot be any real new jobs until the money is there to create them.