The Economic Populist Site Rank, Statistics and All of That Jazz

Help The Economic Populist Break Through the top 100,000 blogs!

Technorati now ranks The Economic Populist 105,409 in top blog rankings. There are literally millions of blogs Technorati ranks.

Let's push it over the hill to get in the top 100,000! This is a milestone for our new community and site. How to push it over the top? Create an account in Technorati and favorite this blog, add EP to your blog roll or reference a particular post that you like in comments on other blogs (make sure it's relevant, don't just do that to do that).

Even better, The Economic Populist is ranked 11th in readability of all of the Economics blogs!

This is great news because that means you all, as writers, are doing very well in communicating your thoughts and writing ability. That's great because most people in the United States just do not understand the first thing about Economics and we are all about getting people to think, discuss and engage in economics, trade, labor policy. It is a real challenge to enable people to think, learn, engage, discussion and analyze on these topics despite the critical implications to their lives.

Econolog has some interesting statistics and ranks EP 15th.

We are not yet 1 year old so congratulations to all who are helping EP grow into a true community blog and forum site. Hat tip to all of us!

More Rankings

Gongol Economics blog rankings. (We have an upward trend).

On 26econ, EP ranks 109 and they use Technorati ratings. Once again this shows the blogosphere needs a true community blog and forum for all things economics. We are growing. This is all good.

Power to the People

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Job well done, lots still to do, cograts.

Robert Oak , Excellent coverage of issues that are affecting us all. Now more than ever in a century.

It's everybody

It's everybody who is using the site, from the lurkers to the email forwarders to the linkers, to the commenters to the bloggers. I should have mentioned hey, create an account, log in. You do not have to be a blogger or a writer to join in on EP. The comments are threaded and tracked so you can see who replied to you and so on to have a conversation.

Of course, posting economic fiction claiming increasing H-1B guest worker Visas is good for workers and the economy might get a major insult from me, since this is my #1 knowledge/activist/research area, plus I'm in the #1 occupational field targeted for labor arbitrage by these methods so it has a tendency to personally piss me off. ;)

(see previous comment).

Obviously there are many

Obviously there are many volunteers putting much time, effort, brain power, and heart into the Economic Populist web site. Thank you.

Help Get EP into the Technorati < 100k

We are hovering around 101k in the total Technorati blog rankings. Considering we are topic specific and not yet 10 months old, we're doing ok.

That said, help get us over this magic hump! If you cite (please be context appropriate) a blog post or an Instapopulist on another site in a comment that helps.
If you join Technorati and say you are a fan and also one of the bloggers on EP, that really helps.

And if you have a blog roll anywhere, that helps enormously!

All DK posters you have a blog roll on DK.

Let's make us popular!


so I'm going to try this Technorati thing.

Technorati Profile


Yeah, SEO is so bizarre but there are something like 10 million blogs out there alone (which are ranked) so getting visibility by hook or by crook is key.

If you have a blog or a DK account, etc., add EP to your blog roll.

That's why they are fighting at DK over the blog roll and there is very much a boys club with blog rolls. (which is absurd, our middle column is simply blogs who are posting great research, posts and also updated daily, had nothing to do with "who you know" or a pal of my pal)

So, getting on blog rolls really helps because many ranking functions go off of links, not page hits. In terms of page hits, we are doing reasonable but I'm more impressed with who is reading the site. We've been pulled into CNN and CBS news many times already. This means we are doing something right by being accurate, citing accurately, using good references.


Robert, you've done a good job. And the same goes for the rest of you. You all have a good weekend, now.

It's you all doing the good job

People write such exceptional posts and that is really what is making EP. Every day I'm surprised, better than a lot of financial news sites.

Broke Through Technorati top 100k

95,000 blog ranking now.

That's great but unfortunately for some reason we're not getting as many readers.

Folks, this is a community blog, please comment, discuss, write, express your inner economics.

Guess what is getting the most reads on EP?

As you know I monitor the web statstics and this is actually quite a surprise.

It's not a matter of posting on a large traffic blog like dailykos or even cross posting around.

It seems the blogs that get read the most on EP are:

1. not cross posted elsewhere

2. it's almost viral. Basically it's some original material or something one cannot read elsewhere and then someone reading our blog plain picks it up and links to it from some major financial or economic or political website.

Why do they pick up on some and not others? Well, if I knew the answer to that one I think I could charge $450/hr to be a content SEO consultant....(ha ha) but the above seems to give a few clues on this.

The Vox Populi are the post which have the most reads of all time and that can give some clues on what people pick up on.

Technorati rank

now about 78,000.

It seems those social networking buttons at the bottom of each post, if you use them really helps people find out about EP. reddit especially is very easy to use.

March blog rankings has EP moving up, now about 31 on the Economics blog rankings.

Technorati has EP ranked at 61,210 of all blogs.

If you want to help promote The Economic Populist, give more awareness we exist and we are the only site out there devoted to all things Econ where anyone can write and have their own blog....

Use the reddit, share buttons, forward EP to a friend or recommend, link over posts you find particularly insightful when commenting on other sites.

If you see some well researched, firmly grounded in fact, statistics and economy theory writers out there getting no readers, invite them over to The Economic Populist to post and participate.

Let's face it, Economics isn't too sexy, although we're working on that one!

Not bad for less than one year of really being dedicated economics bloggers.

major sites picking up on EP posts

It seems that Real Clear Markets, a financial site by the people who do Real Clear Politics, has picked up on some of our posts.

So has Seeking Alpha.

Congratulations New Deal Democrat and Midtowng. I always knew your analysis and writing was top notch and unique and it appears other sites agree.

April EP rankings

We're still doing pretty good for the ultimate, sexy hot topic complete with young babes....economics (sic) in blog rankings.

We're now 28th from Gongol economics site rankings.

65447 in overall blog rankings on technorati.

That said, we need to increase our social networking so more people are aware of the site.

So, when you see an intelligent person focused on economics, invite them over and if you see a great post on EP (let's face it, we have a lot of them), use the share buttons to get the piece the attention it deserves.

Yves liked your movies.

You made the links for today at NC!

wish we could get in their blog roll

I don't know why they don't list us. Maybe you can give it a try and ask them. I tried a long, long time ago and got no response. I like Yves and NC....they are so "on it" in terms of digging in an investigative fashion on the financial crisis....they do an exceptional job.

we have thousands of new visitors to the Economic Populist

Thanks to midtowg's exceptional research piece, Subprime Meltdown over, now here comes the bad news, we are getting thousands of new visitors to the Economic Populist.

Welcome to all of the new readers and congratulations midtowng! Your piece is getting referenced all over the economics blogs and rightly so. Original research, good statistics and topics ignored by the main stream media are what the economics blogs are all about!

To the new folks, check out some of the other writers and posts on EP. We have many writing from first principles, original analysis and it's quite insightful.

The term Populist

I just put in the term "Populist" in Google and we come up 9th on the search results.

Congratulations all who participate in EP. We're redefining what a Populist is and (hopefully) that is general participation and awareness of the public in all things economic.

If ever there is a policy that affects your average Georgia/Joe, this is it and why everyone in America needs to learn how this all works, start paying attention and understanding it.

Otherwise, ...well, that feeling you get is the invisible hand takin' money out of your pocket.

Welcome Dirt Bike World Readers!

As you probably know, as site admin I see the web statistics of EP.

Well, we are being quoted by Dirt Bike World. That's cool.

It's kind of the point of EP, to get everybody asking questions on economic data, policy, statistics and don't leave such an important area of our lives to ivory tower experts and a bunch of greedy wall street guys.

Welcome Dirt Bike World!

EP available on Kindle - Amazon device

Earlier there was a request that The Economic Populist be Available on Kindle, the Amazon book reading device.

the Economic Populist should be available as soon as Amazon processes it, about 06-22-09.

If there are any other delivery methods people want or know about, leave a request in a comment.

Technorati Rank, increase in topic specific blog references

Ya all, technorati has EP ranked @ 45k of all blogs and websites around the globe (there are millions!)

But what is interesting is we are now coming up on the first page of topic specific blogs. We're coming up first or in the top 20/10 of topics like trade, globalization, economics..
and that's all good because it means more people will find us!

Hopefully we can get more people to engage in economic related topics but this is a major break through in terms of simply being "found" by other bloggers and blog readers.

this is kind of interesting

We're getting picked up in a new feed as a major economics blog here.

All the more reason to write and write carefully, cited, well.

We're ranked about 29th and then 36ths in economics blog rankings...

so ya all, it's pretty clear by content we've built up a nice reputation.

Hey ya all, NC gave us a link in their blog roll

Nice honor, one of my favorite blogs esp. tracking the big world of corrupt finance.

EP rankings for October 2009

I just checked the blog rankings. EP is really becoming established. So folks, realize we are becoming an authority and check your citations accordingly!



Business blog ranking - 162, with an "up" arrow
Business authority - 681
Overall blog ranking (all blogs) - 2060


Pageviews - 32 rank
Visits - 31 economics blog rank

Palgrave Econolog

rank - 36 - in the top 50 economics blogs
Also says we're a little too wordy. We're listed as sounding like Al Gore. ;)


This is the website statistics center, global

EP is at 320,999 globally, 139.711 for the US. Not great, but bear in mind this tracks Google, Yahoo and so forth and we're just an economics community blog. I'm sure if we included porno in our posts we'd go way up in these ranks (please don't do that, it's a joke!)

This is all fairly good folks for we are late comers to the blogosphere and on top of it, we represent the Peanut gallery, the voice of the everyone, the little folks, the middle class.

So congratulations to all who contribute to this site and are diligent with their work and efforts!

site traffic, rankings

I just saw the comparison web statistics via Gongol, who tracks the visitors to most of the economics blogs (except those which are really part of the Journalism/media, such as Dealbook) and we've moved up.

What is happening lately on EP is someone finds a post that's unique and it often gets picked up on by other sites and then "goes viral". I'd personally like to see
a. more authors b. more in depth posts which are accurate and unique in content

I try to write up as detailed analysis as I can on all of the macro economic metrics because it gives a good sense on where we are and where we are going. That said, there are so many events and issues not being written about, simply because we need more people to take the time to write up good content, which is hard frankly.

So much of the blogosphere is either regurgitation or plain wrong or someone has a favorite agenda, quite often picked up by via some think tank or media machine and they push that....instead of detailed objective analysis, based on the stats, numbers, theory. No surprise there because to analyze policy effects or economic events is not exactly for the faint of heart!

That said, I believe EP should have more participation, more readers. I think we're doing a great job and the site is unique in that it is "regular folk" speaking out.

So, with that, folks help build up the site. If you see someone who writes good, objective, detailed economic posts, with accurate data and is also "one of us" in that they are strongly interested in the national economic health and esp. the regular working class American stiff...

invite them over to EP.