Fair Pay Act - Call your Senators

Maybe you forgot the horror story of a recent Supreme court decision:

On May 29, 2007, the Supreme Court ruled in Ledbetter v. Goodyear that workers cannot sue for the later effects of past wage discrimination. According to the 5-4 decision, the majority held that Ms. Ledbetter did not have a valid claim of wage discrimination because she had not filed her complaint within 180 days of Goodyear’s initial discriminatory pay decision, even though she did not become aware of the unlawfully lower wages until years after the discrimination began. The decision overturned the common-sense and broadly recognized legal precedent that each paycheck diminished by discrimination carries forward an employer’s unlawful wage decisions. For Ms. Ledbetter, not only was she unaware of the date the pay discrimination began, but her employer also kept it secret, thereby preventing her from gathering the information that would have been necessary to file a complaint within 180 days of the original discriminatory decision.

Now this is outrageous because frankly figuring out you are getting royally screwed in today's insecure job market just ain't gonna happen in 6 months. Plus it is agonizing to decide to take legal action in this case.

So, the House Passed H.R. 2831, The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2007 and now it's up for consideration in the Senate to change the law in light of the Supreme court ruling.

endorsement of the bill

Details and request to call your Senators.

The bill is very close to passing the Senate.

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