Fed Chair Bernanke 2nd Term Nomination Passes Senate Banking Committee

No surprise here. Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke gets Senate approval for a 2nd term. Now onto the Senate floor where there are 5 holds on his confirmation. The vote was 16 to 7, with 12 Democrats and 4 Republicans voting for Bernanke. 6 Republicans and 1 Democrat, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, opposed. Here is the Senate Banking Committee membership vote, tallied in real time (and so well formatted) by shopyield:


Yes - 16

No - 7


  • Christopher Dodd, Chairman, Connecticut Yes
  • Tim Johnson, South Dakota Yes
  • Jack Reed, Rhode Island Yes
  • Chuck Schumer, New York Yes
  • Evan Bayh, Indiana Yes
  • Robert Menendez, New Jersey Yes
  • Daniel Akaka, Hawaii Yes
  • Sherrod Brown, Ohio Yes (soft may change on the floor)
  • Jon Tester, Montana Yes
  • Mark Warner, Virginia - Yes
  • Jeff Merkley, Oregon - No
  • Herb Kohl, Wisconsin Yes
  • Michael Bennet, Colorado Yes


  • Richard Shelby, Ranking Member, Alabama No
  • Bob Bennett, Utah Yes
  • Jim Bunning, Kentucky No
  • Mike Crapo, Idaho No
  • Bob Corker, Tennessee Yes (soft may change on the floor)
  • Jim DeMint, South Carolina - No
  • David Vitter, Louisiana  - No
  • Mike Johanns, Nebraska Yes
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas - No
  • Judd Gregg, New Hampshire - Yes


The good news here is maybe Freshman Senator Jeff Merkley is finally getting some backbone. His first vote was for more TARP, even though he ran a strong Populist campaign and specifically against bail outs in 2008.

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