Friday Movie Night - Globalization, Trade, Immigration & Foreign Influences

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


Most of us know Election 2012 is the battle of the big business. Policy that would turn the U.S. economy around and get real America back to work is simply not on the table. Well, the political situation is actually worse than that, policy agendas which will erode America further are more the norm. The only thought given to the U.S. worker by politicians is how to snow the America people yet again.

That hasn't kept some from trying to talk about some of the real issues and make policy recommendations based on fact. With that we offer three talks worthy of your attention.

The first video is a lecture by Political Economy Research Institute economist and professor Robert Pollin on the race to the bottom and globalization, a topic near and dear to our readers.


Globalization of Labor: Is a Race to the Bottom Inevitable?


Next up is a lecture by Pat Choate on Foreign influence on U.S. policy. He starts with a first hand account of the Congressional battle to stop the NAFTA trade agreement and moves onto immigration. Fascinating talk describing just how corrupt Congress already was by 1993. Sounds like foreign lobbyists were spread all through the Congressional halls and right next to the Chamber.

We don't know about the group who organized this lecture and talk series, so ignore the opening, but Dr. Choate is almost always dead on, quite a good economist. We also know multinational corporations every day lobby for more guest worker Visas and unlimited migration and get their cohorts in Congress to introduce at least a couple of bills per session. Having control of an unlimited labor pool supply that can be scurried and scuttled around the globe is part of the globalization agenda.


Pat Choate: Foreign Influence on U.S. Policy, I


Pat Choate: Foreign Influence on U.S. Policy, II


Pat Choate: Foreign Influence on U.S. Policy, III


Finally, EPI economist Robert Scott talks about trade and capital flows as unbridled multinational corporations simply run amok. Scott rattles off FDI statistics that should have your hair standing on end.


Globalization of Capital: The Rise of the Multinationals



Happy Friday!