Friday Movie Night - Phantom Shares

 It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


Tony indirectly brought this fantastic 2007 Bloomberg documentary on naked short selling to our attention.

Phantom Shares



Frank T. sent another great interview with Elizabeth Warren from the UCTV Conversations with History Series.

Elizabeth Warren on the Middle Class

Finally, I would like to make a request. If you know of great documentaries that are online, embeddable, available for us to show, please leave a comment in these threads or email me.

FMN is a weekly series, hunting out the most interesting economic documentaries we can....legally, so we could use your suggestions and help in the hunt.



Looting of America

This is a major institutional problem in our financial structure. This kind of outright thievery has destroyed savings of millions of Americans. Imagine the damage to investment portfolios when massive short selling drives prices to a point where margin calls are triggered. Artificially depressed prices make it difficult to raise capital.
A second major source of looting is the deliberate distorting of interest rates to enable this same financial system to accumulate capital at the expense of savers. Savers are deprived of the "time value of money" through Fed manipulation of interest rates. The spread between what savers are paid vs. what they must pay in interest to banks and non-bank financials is obscene. Older Americans are major victims of this massive transfer of wealth from savers to financial banksters.
This systematic looting of American savings is why we need major change in Washington. Not politicians bought and paid for by K St., but people who are outraged enough to confront this cynical and pervasive abuse of the American people. Alan Grayson, I hope you are reading this -- we need you and more like you.
Frank T.

Frank T.