Friday Movie Night - Who Broke America’s Jobs Machine?

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


New America Foundation's Barry Lynn & Philip Longman talk about monopolies, anti-trust and how that's killing job creation. One topic overlooked is massive consolidation. We've seen this many a time, large multinationals buy up the competition and then slash and burn the staff with massive layoffs and outsourcing. Right now we have AT&T buying T-Mobile and how many cannot find decent cell service for less than $100 a month?


Who Killed America's Job Machine?


Below is an excerpt from their article:

Others point to the diffusion of new technologies that reduce the number of workers needed to produce and sell manufactured products like cars and services like airline reservations. But throughout economic history, even as new technologies like the assembly line and the personal computer destroyed large numbers of jobs, they also empowered people to create new and different ones, often in greater numbers. Yet others blame foreign competition and offshoring, and point to all the jobs lost to China, India, or Mexico. Here, too, there is some truth. But U.S. governments have been liberalizing our trade laws for decades; although this has radically changed the type of jobs available to American workers—shifting vast chunks of the U.S. manufacturing sector overseas, for instance—there is little evidence that this has resulted in any lasting decline in the number of jobs in America.



Excellent movie

A little more action, perhaps, but highly informative.

This approach makes a lot of sense.  It shows how the "Law and Economics" movement by the neocons ruined new business opportunities in this country.  That always made sense but their data is quite impressive. 

Here's the outcome, a chart showing just how real the "not new jobs" data is and how hard it hits people.

Clever, aren't they, our rulers by their own machinations.  The corporate media won't address this specific phenomena nor will it address the points of our movie subjects.  It's a rigged game for the owners and survival of the fittest for the rest of us.

And here's EP's take on it, less elegant than these fine scholars but makes the point

Questions for The Money Party: Why Negative Job Growth Since 2000?

NAF has had some great talks there

I wish on some they would clean up their audio, but it's awesome they have in depth talks and put them online. Sometimes they get fictional people but often, I notice gets some real economists speaking serious truth. I think of any source I've put more lectures up that they recorded than any other.

Of course they get 500 views while some cute cat gets 2 million.

Goes well with your theme, yet another piece of fiction huh? Globalization and glorified multinational monopolies give us low prices. Yeah, right.