Here's a bit of good news, GM to pay back the government

Looks like GM has recovered (unlike Detroit):

General Motors Co., steadily returning to health after its near-collapse in 2009, said Tuesday it plans to pay off its government loans by June — five years ahead of schedule — and could report a profit as early as this year.

Remember all of the controversy and blasting of the U.S. auto industry?

Here is the past and current financial situation. GM may report a profit this quarter.

GM said it lost $3.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2009 on revenues of $32.3 billion. But things are on the upswing. Sales and production have increased and GM has gained U.S. market share since the start of the year. The automaker will try to maintain that momentum while facing a stiff challenge from a revitalized Ford Motor Co.

For the period from July 10, when GM emerged from bankruptcy protection after shedding billions in debt, through Dec. 31, GM lost $4.3 billion on revenues of $57.5 billion. But much of that loss was for one-time items, including a $2.6 billion payment to the United Auto Workers union for retiree health care. The company also reported several indicators of improving health: It took in $1 billion more than it spent in the period and began this year with $36 billion in cash and $60 billion in debt. At the start of 2009, it had $14 billion in cash and $104 billion in debt.

I'm sure it hasn't hurt that Toyota was found to be knowingly hiding a defect, which can now open them up to lawsuits.

But it's looking good for the auto industry at least, the bail out might turn out to be a very large investment that pays out instead.

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