House lets anti-trust apply to health insurance companies

No doubt this will die in the Senate but the House overwhelming passed a bill to expose health insurance companies to anti-trust laws:

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to take a 65-year-old antitrust exemption away from health insurance companies, leaning hard on an industry that has been the focus of criticism for fast-rising rates.

The chamber voted 406 to 19 to effectively repeal an antitrust exemption that has meant that states take the lead in enforcing antitrust law for health insurers. Consumer groups say states often lack the resources to effectively regulate insurers.

"Just recently 80,000 Iowans were told that their insurance rates would go up 18 percent," said Rep. Leonard Boswell in debate before the vote. "Iowans in the 3rd district are struggling to make ends meet."

This is a good step in the right direction. See outrage du jour for how health insurance companies are gouging individual health policy holders.

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I reading all this talk from Democrats about how Obama is doing so well at this thing they are calling a health care summit. Give me a break: he is well-trained highly skilled attorney - he should be schooling this republican imbeciles.

Obama's problem is substance and delivering on policies. - Financial Information for the Rest of Us.

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not that I am completely thrilled with the House

but one must notice that the bottleneck is the Senate in almost everything that needs to happen here.

Or do I for one minute believe the Obama administration will push for the right policies. They won't go against the for profit health sector anymore than the corrupt Senate will. Derivatives reform is the most obvious, the financial sector, but at least the House is passing legislation and it's for the most part a strong step in the right direction.

Yeah, I mean Good God, those Republicans are just useless, all they want to do is limit trial attorneys which has very little effect on costs.

It's like watching how is bought off more, which is the most bought off....

But this one simple bill (I think they should pass more of these, short sweet bills focused on one thing) would go a long way in stopping the gouging.

The states could do something if their legislative branches were not so FUBAR and they just sit there and let health insurance companies run amok.

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