How Enterprise Funds are Solutions to Infrasturcture and Bank Recap Issues

Listen and read the commentary on the crisis and the themes of stimulus, bank crisis and the looming debt crisis of the U.S. budget and debt levels continually emerge. One side fears and frets the high U.S. debt level as it approaches 4 times Gross Domestic Product. The other side says we must continue to borrow and spend to stimulate GDP (see Lou Dobbs and Paul Krugman 11/7/2008). Some creative finance and sound accounting will go a long way to get us through the first part of the crisis. So let us clarify some things a bit.

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your file, ODT extension

Is an open office extension so most people will not be able to open it. Can you convert this to a PDF or something that is more universal or just quote some things and link to it?

I'm a big Linux user and I didn't know what it was. Most people are on Micro$oft.

Converted to PDF

Converted to PDF.
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Burton Leed

Burton Leed

Thank you

maybe 2007, I have 2003. Also congratulations! You're the 2nd person to figure out the upload besides myself!

I make all of these little tools and such so I am thrilled when people actually use them!

Is there some audio tape that goes with all of this? I'm a little lost as to what this is about.

No audio for this On Enterprise Fund

The first cut was a discussion of the target industries.
The second cut was what the investment vehicle could be.
The third cut is the drill down to the transactions.

The objectives are straightforward

- What are the industrial target assets

- What kind of fund should be used

- How to finance infrastructure without increasing the budget deficit at all

- What are the protections and guarantees on public finance

Burton Leed

Burton Leed