Make a profit for the stockholder. Jobs?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that agenda. Gratification for performance gets the job done. Jobs can very easily also come from profits. Reward jobs producing investing. Net gain in jobs is very unlikely because there is no reward for creating jobs. There is a reward for profits. Profit through people would create jobs. Laws keep getting changed to make profitting without working easier. Money has to work in order for jobs to be created. The positive side of profits through people is building of value and equity. The negative and never mentioned side of profit through negotiations is that there is a day of reckoning in the future when fees exceed income or all the money is used up for securing the negotiations. The negative side of negotiated profits has no warning effect because it imposes no hardship on the significant principals. They don't need anything. Creating jobs is not only good for working families it is necessary to stabilize the country. Our decayed and decaying state of affairs is a direct result of laziness in money.