Manufacturing Jobs - US Wages Dramatic Decline

Along with the loss of -3.3 million Manufacturing jobs over the last seven years, a report just released by the BLS shows average hourly compensation for US Manufacturing jobs fell from the world’s 4th highest in 2000 to the world’s 14th highest in 2006. Japan’s Manufacturing jobs were the 2nd highest paid in 2000 but plunged to rank only 16th in 2006.

Germany, which had the world’s highest-paid Manufacturing workers in 2000 fell to second place behind Norway in 2006. Manufacturing jobs in the Euro-Area countries as a group paid far less than in the US and Japan in 2000 but paid far more in 2006.

The BLS data is in $US dollars at exchange rates current for each year.

Manufacturing Wages 2000

Manufacturing Wages 2006



data need to be indexed

This would be useful if it adjusted for cost of living (or some other measure of purchasing power).