Not sure where to have posted this, if it's in the wrong area, my apologies. A while back there was some fantastic (not in a good way) maps of the recession. Darkened areas highlighting plant closures and job losses and what have you. By any chance, who did those articles and where were those maps originally seen from? If they were made by the author, can I borrow them? I am also planning on linking to such articles that originally had them. Thank you very much.

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there have been multiple posts by multiple authors

using maps on EP, so may I suggest using the search or go to Google and do an image search that is domain specific.


image search on EP domain for keyword "map".

or you can use keyword "recession" or "unemployment etc.
to use the searches.

In terms of using them if you post on EP I think that is ok, but in terms of posting elsewhere, some of these have been original work by the author, so you'll have to ask them, or at least link back to EP and give credit to the author as source.

thank you!

I wasn't even aware you could image search on here. Did you add that capability? Thank you!


no but thanks for giving me that idea

on a per content type search.

That's a google advanced specific search that I linked to. Google has indexed the entire site so if you cannot find something with the tools on the site, try Google.