McDonald's Tells Employees To Make Rent Go Without Heat

Wow, employers are really out there trying to help their employees!  Just yesterday Walmart was busy asking for charity to feed their employees.  Now McDonalds is telling workers to live in unheated homes in order to pay their bills.

Gets worse than that folks. McDonalds also told employees to return their Christmas gifts for extra cash.  Sell your gifts on eBay! The website low pay is not ok has been tracking the absurdities and made the below video.  Of course raising wages is not on the McDonald's radar.  Just last July McDonalds was sued for paying workers on prepaid Visa cards.  Due to all of the fees associated with prepaid cards, the lawsuit contends workers are being paid below the minimum wage.  Last we checked paying workers below minimum wages is still illegal, although more and more employers are obviously skirting around that law as well, often by claiming workers are independent contractors.



Anyone else get a feeling if corporations could repeal the 13th amendment to the U.S. constitution, they would?