New NYC World Trade Center will use glass made in China

The new One World Trade Center being built at Ground Zero of 9-11 in New York City, will be importing all its facade glass from China.

I saw the headline on Buzzflash, and followed the link to the story here: PPG loses bid for World Trade Center.

Pittsburgh based PPG had worked closely with a NYC contractor in a bid to win the contract to supply and install the facade glass for the new towers. But, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey awarded the facade glass contract to Solera Construction/DCM Erectors of New York, which in turn hired a subcontractor, Zetian Systems of Las Vegas, which will be getting the glass from China Beijing Glass Co. Ironically, China Beijing Glass has a license from PPG to produce the special “Starphire” glass, which was patented by PPG.

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Not surprised

First they changed the name from Freedom Tower to appease those PRC-based businesses buying space to WTC One to now using windows made in China. By the way, how are the industrial window makers in the New York state area doing?

Well of course they will

I really hope that the new high-speed rail lines that are supposed to be built as part of Obama's stimulus plan rely on American technology and that they don't, for example, have it built by the Japanese because their technology is superior at this point.

Actually that would be RATIONAL

In comparison to "cheapest labor" decision process most corporations seem to use.
Moral hazards would not exist in a system designed to eliminate fraud.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

FYI: Actually, the Chinese

FYI: Actually, the Chinese Government historically has contracted with the Germans for their major infrastructural build-outs, such as railways, highways, airports. One would think China would opt for Chinese engineers. Clearly... didn't opt for Japaniese or American. Methinks it has to do with pre-WWII technical documentation enclaved amongst various distributed libraria...;-) Or not. (Soon, they likely will shift, contract-wise. Their internal highway system is now best-in-the-world.)