Newsweek Narrates How Obama got rolled by Wall Street

Oh my. Newsweek journalist Michael Hirsh gives a blow by blow on how Obama got rolled by Wall Street. Here's just a snippet:

He had arrived in office perceived by some as the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Yet Obama hadn’t acted much like FDR in the ensuing months. Instead he had faithfully channeled Summers and Geithner and their conservative approach to stimulus and reform. Early on, Obama’s two key economic officials had argued down Christina Romer, the new chairwoman of the Council of Economic Advisers, when she suggested a massive $1.2 trillion stimulus to make up for the collapse of private demand. They opted for slightly less than $800 billion. “We believe that this is a properly sized approach to move the economy forward,” said Summers, who didn’t want to expand the federal deficit or worry the bond market. With the recession still darkening their outlook, Summers and Geithner also didn’t want to tamper too much with what they still saw as the economy’s engine room: Wall Street. Partly on their advice, the president “explicitly decided not to break up all big financial institutions,” said another top economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee.

That ain't no lie. But tell me, Joe Q. Public, when are you going to start paying attention to the issues and details on voting records, money and policy positions instead of making an election a personality contest? Hmmm? Ya all were gaga over Obama to the point of nausea.

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  Some people ya just can't reach,then ya get what we had the past year and a half,which is the way they want it,which is the way they gonna get it.I don't like it anymore than you do.......Kinda like American Idol Frank Rutherford

Frank Rutherford

Y' all simply...

...cannot criticize President 'Averse to Conflict'.


You cannot.

I know.


I was banned from a long list of 'progressive' political websites, all the big ones, for saying: 'If he is elected Obama will in no way govern any different than McCain.' Bowers said that this was the, '...most heinous comment ever posted on his site.'....heh... I note he and Jane are singing a different song these days, eh?

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

You can't blame me... was obvious what Obama was way before he ever won the nomination. In fact I blame those who were clueless enough to vote for this waffling corporate "center" right wing screw-up. This guy and the so-called leadership of this party has FU'ed any potential populist progressive movement for a generation. Instead Obama and his fellow Democratic screw-ups are about to deliver us true right wing government.

When I disputed Obama's progressive credentials in the lead up to his nomination, and posted those reservations, I had a nationally known blogger that we all know infer that I was a racist. I knew at that point there was something sick within the so-called political left.

All I can say is get used to a far right wing government that the Democrats (they cannot blame this one on Nader, but they will probably try) have delivered to us.

I voted Democratic nearly all my adult life, I started to sour during Clinton's administration when he supported NAFTA and other trade agreements which have basically destroyed much of the middle class in this country. However, early on it was just philosophical because the damage of the trade agreements was still to be felt. I knew the damage to this country was going to be great, but it was hard to imagine until the devastation could be seen with my own eyes. I then had an even stronger retroactive disgust for Clinton and most Democrats, between 2006 and 2008 after they took control of Congress. They seemed pathetic, and Obama fit right in with them, as just another neo-liberal piece of trash.

Then in 2008 I supported Edwards, and then Kucinich, which of course ended up being hopeless, and then for the first time I voted 3rd party in an election for Nader, and felt great about it, and feel even better about it today. Nader had figured out what the Democrats were becoming long before I or most anyone else did, I think most of us just didn't want to accept it, but of course he was spot on. For now on I will vote candidate by candidate and not for party and most of them will be 3rd party, however I will vote for good Democrats like Virg Bernero for Michigan Governor. In fact he might be the only Democrat I vote for in this election (perhaps one or two others). There are truly very few good Democrats left.

I will vote in every election though, my only hope is that a progressive populist 3rd party will emerge that truly makes a difference and hopefully snuffs out the corporate "center" right Democratic Party. At least I can dream.