Our Congressional heroes at work

Rep. Barney Frank, on "Countdown" just now:

- We will have toothless oversight
- the taxpayer probably won't lose more than $350 billion
- I have no idea if this will work.

Just shoot me now and get it over with....

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Your lobbyist dollars at work

My understanding is lobbyists have literally swarmed the hill on this bailout....like fire ants, chewing away any integrity that a legislator might have left.

It appears to get our nation back we might be subject to the scorched Earth policy as these soulless eating machines march on to their villas in the Caymans.

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gross debt 70% of GDP

Bloomberg is reporting:

he plan, which asks Congress for funds to buy devalued securities from financial institutions, would drive the debt above 70 percent of gross domestic product and the annual budget gap to an all-time high, possibly exceeding $1 trillion next year, economists estimated

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