Our "Labor Centric" Congress Won't Pass a Simple Bill to Make Sure Workers are Legal??? Are you Kidding me?

It's well known and well documented illegal labor lowers wages, displaces American workers from jobs and stopping illegal employment is the key to stop the illegal immigration problem.

Yet if you can believe this, our supposed "Labor centric" Senators just voted to kill e-verify, which is the method to make sure workers are legal who get jobs...especially those Stimulus jobs

This is just unbelievable, think about it, do you really want your tax dollars going to give illegal labor a job with this level of unemployment for Americans?

Here is the vote tally and check out all of those lying Senators who voted to table (i.e. not pass) this simple system.

I'm sorry a Republican introduced the bill, but it's common sense 101 if you want to stop illegal labor, you check to make sure your workers are legal before hiring them!

Perhaps it's time for all of those Progressives and Populists, who have some common sense on labor supplies make themselves be heard. I suspect our Senate believes Democrats are just fine and dandy with this and here is one Democrat who is absolutely not because it's beyond reason.

We're in deep trouble at the moment and the last thing America needs is an unlimited illegal labor supply getting U.S. jobs.

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