PPI for April 2010

March Producer Price Index, or PPI for April 2010 came in at -0.1%. The original press release is on the BLS website. The reason for the drop is a -0.8% drop in energy prices. Gas dropped 2.7%. Veggies dropped 10.2% after last month's blow out. This month was egged with a drop of -28.5% (fresh eggs).


Below is the change in Finished Goods from one year ago.



In April, the decline in the index for finished goods can be attributed to lower prices for energy goods, which fell 0.8 percent. Also contributing to lower finished goods prices, the index for finished consumer foods moved down 0.2 percent. By contrast, prices for finished goods less foods and energy rose 0.2 percent.




Below is the graph in finished energy from one year ago. Crude natural gas dropped -19.2%, which caused crude energy to drop 5.9% overall.



Below is the month to month percent change in Fuels:




Here is last month's report (from this site). The attached report has detailed tables, with specific products and their price changes, at the bottom.

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