The 'Shrill One' Destroys Buchanan and 'Morning Joe'...

Paul Krugman makes no effort to disguise his contempt for the gasbag Buchanan and schools 'Morning Joe' here. Joe actually cuts Buchanan off because the fat, old fool doesn't realize he's violating Twain's injunction.

You see,'conservative thinkers' don't realize that one thing is not like another something most humans learn around two days of age.

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Uh, I don't think your clip

Uh, I don't think your clip is the right one. It's about a movie, not an argument between Krugman and Buchanan.

clip wrong and Buchanan

Buchanan has been correct on a host of issues, so please can we please stop (I think I have said this now over 30 times!) the partisanship bashing without analyzing the specifics.


...sorry about that. Clip now fixed. As for Buchanan '...being right....' I'll let him speak for himself here in this clip. If you want to defend his bloviating go ahead. JOe wouldn't. As for partisanship I'll just have to disagree Robert. If you think most of this 'debate' about the stimulus package is about anything other than politics I submit you are badly mistaken.

Republican legislators in the House and Senate, insulated from our reality by their secure jobs, are intent on damaging the Obama administration to the point where it cannot govern. To ignore this fact is worse than ignoring the impact H1-B visas have on jobs for U.S. citizens.

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

Joe, Pat & Paul

I thought it was a good segment. I think Krugman discounted the reduction in the deficit in the 1990's, which did boost the economy and he should have said when an economy is running at full utilization that is precisely when a deficit is a real drag and needs to be balanced.

He recognized great technological shifts, which happened in the 1990's..

I think everyone ignored the history of the 1920's leading up to the Great Depression, but that's talk shows.

I think Krugman is right to air his disgust at Congressional Republicans pounding on tax cuts when it is consensus that tax cuts do not stimulate an economy in a recession, wage deflation spiral and ...

hey, I thought the segment was fine. I mean Joe there acknowledged the Great Depression policies did work, he got the history correct and well, la de da.

I need to grab Krugman's book, obviously wise to republish at this time and studying other economies with similar economic indicators is a good idea.

Pat Buchanan isn't always right, but he isn't always wrong.

Krugman also got it wrong in thinking that Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough are the same type of Republicans that load the Senate. They are not. Huge difference between a paleo-conservative vs. that corporate lobbyist neocon globalist idiocy emanating from people like McCain.

I will say this one more time. EP is an economics blog. It is NOT a political blog. Therefore one cannot just bash brand name politics. The point of this site is to discuss policies in very boring details with bullet points, charts, graphs, quotes, even equations.

It was pretty clear that Joe or Pat were not defending, nor do they represent Congressional Republicans as a group.

But the real point here is to not bash group politics, groups...because what happens then is you also get group think, group endorse and frankly there is a lot wrong with the Stimulus bill and it has more to do with both parties refusing to put U.S. labor, U.S. workers first for jobs...

and that is part of Keynesian economics 101, i.e. the theory behind stimulus spending.

I put this up because...

....Krugman spelled out very clearly why all the bloviation we hear from the Republicans is wrong. Wrong economically. It's not necessarily wrong politically. We now, it seems, have a 'stimulus package' that is too small.

What next?

The economy continues to tank and the Republicans blame Obama and the Dems.

That's politics not economics.

I'm not going to comment or post here anymore if we cannot come to a realization that at this time, in this environment one is driving the other. I am not '...bashing brand name politics...' the Republicans are asserting a set of policies that will doom this country to economic stagnation. It's pointless to discuss the 'economics' of the situation when you have a fool like Buchanan, and no I do not care what he's said about H1-B, telling lies on cable TV.

This constant lying by the 'conservative' right is destroying the nation.

I'll hie myself over to my bog and let you folks do as you wish.

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

you are bashing the wrong thing

As far as I know, Pat Buchanan is not a member of the Republican party. I think he endorsed the constitution party candidate and he ran himself something like 3 times for President as an independent. I recall him bashing Bush administration and policies extensively and I think he's written a few books bashing Bush administration, neocon policies but I don't track on punditry or am a "Buchanan fan" so I don't know the details. But you're going after the wrong people here and Krugman wasn't referring to Pat and Joe either in his New York times op-ed.

If you are going to bash something, bash this:

Now here they try to claim deficit spending, Keynesian economics does not work (when done right) in an economic recession. That is fiction as NDD just wrote in a 4 part series. But NDD proved it with statistics, graphs, data, economic theory.

I cannot even count how many pure pieces of economic fiction, presented as "studies" have come out of CATO and I've seen economic fiction (although less, depends on topic and "researcher") from Heritage too. (although I have read economic fiction from Drum major institute as well)

What I'm getting at here is to not just rage but to analyze. People, especially those who lean conservative do not get at all why one would do deficit spending and it goes against the intuitive grain unless one has a little economics to understand it and when to apply it.