Study shows over 30% I.T. Jobs being offshored

Computer World overviews some new data on just how badly I.T. jobs are being offshore outsourced or U.S. workers are displaced by foreigners on guest worker Visas.

Okay, so where are U.S. jobs going? What's the data show? Data prepared by Everest Group Inc., a research and outsourcing consulting firm, shows in broad brush fashion the shift of jobs overseas by some major IT services vendors. In 2006, U.S. and European firms typically had less than 20% of their workforces offshore; Now, for most companies that figure may well be generally over 30%.

Now check out the ethnicity of one Indian company operating in the United States:

Mumbai-based Tata Consultancy Services, for instance. That company earns more than 50% of its revenue from North America, but Tata has more Ecuadoran workers than American workers, according to data it released this month.

Of the approximately 123,404 employed by TCS, not including subsidiaries, 91.7% are Indian nationals. Of the remaining 8.3% of the company's workforce, just 900, or 8.7% are Americans.

That's less than the percentage of TCS workers who are Mexican (9.8%); Ecuadoran (13.1%) or Chilean (15.3%). TCS has employees in every corner of the globe.

Unemployment in Silicon valley is 11.8% and people with technical skills are being squeezed out of their careers. Pretty astounding isn't it to see companies operating in the United States brazenly discriminating, very obviously not hiring any Americans. (DOL, now how does that work again?)

Look at this increase in jobs offshored. Blue represents the offshored jobs. (Source: ComputerWorld)

jobs offshored
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Is a degree in Information Technology a good investment?

This article is required reading for every college bound student considering investing years of hard work and tens of thousands of dollars tuition earning a computer software related degree.

College/career counselers must read this article too before they steer some unsuspecting aspiring student into the Information Technology field. Counselers must be honest and tell prospects that there is a good chance there career will someday be outsourced or replaced by a foreign guest worker.

As the article shows, the biggest users of H-1B/L1 visas (and green cards too?) are Indian outsourcing firms. It appears they have no intention of hiring more Americans even though they do 50% of their business in North America. They are already trying to find loopholes in a potential law that requires companies doing business in America to hire at least a few Americans.

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