Sunday Morning Comics - Preparing for the New Administration Edition

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Cup O' Joe


Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Get that Cup O' Joe...
break out the O.J....hang out with the pooch...time to check out the Funnies!


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Every administration needs its media outlet. MSNBC steps up to the plate:


Congress Debates Obama Inauguration


Important preview on Obama's inaugural speech, The Economy Sucks

Anticipation is high as President-elect Barack Obama is set to drop another sure-fire hit of a speech this morning, tentatively titled "The Economy Sucks." The speech airs at 11, and Chris Matthews is expected to be sobbing by 11:09


Back in Black - Bailouts


Limey Squirrel Eaters


I missed this one but Uncle Jay has a series on Youtube and this is his 2008 year in review: