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Brought to you by Pundit Spin-O-Matic - Obama is a Socialist! Health care was handed over to insurance companies, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan run financial regulation and employment is outsourced to multinational corporations who create jobs in China, India and Mexico. Obviously, that's socialism.
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The Socialist Network


Cartoonist: R.J. Matson


Main Street, Anytown U.S.A.

Cartoonist: R.J. Matson


The Anti-Social Network


Cartoonist: Steve Sack


States Budget Crisis


Cartoonist: Nate Beeler




Laughter To A Point

Yes, reading them bring laughter ( at the least, smiles ). Then reality sets in, and tears replace the laughs. Just thinking about how much we borrow each and every day, just to keep the government running, and to fund the two senseless deadly costly wars, is enough to bring on tears.

When it comes to "job killing legislation", no more need be said than to mention "unfair, unjust, and one-sided foreign trade agreements and policies". It's certainly not by accident, or chance misfortune, that we've lost the textile, steel, electronics, furniture, tool, toy, appliance, and automotive industries.

The bottom line is even less comical when considering what lead to our dependency on government assistance programs and unemployment checks for our economic survival.

Unrestricted and unbridled corporate greed knows no boundaries. Couple that obvious greed with a Lobbyists controlled U.S. Congress, and you have what we're seeing today "deflate" a once economically powerful and independent nation.

In some cases, comic pieces speak more to reality than to humor.

Because you can do wrong, and get away with it, doesn't make it right

economic based funnies are gallows humor at best

But it's another dimension to communicate what is really going on with the U.S. economy.

This past week was so outrageous and every week is outrageous. Regardless of what the people want, even what they vote for, we get corruption at the Presidency to do whatever corporations and their lobbyists want.

It's screamingly clear the American people did not vote for more jobs going off to China, more "NAFTA" style bad trade deals, more offshore outsourcing.

But this week, we get a very clear message, and on top of it, the State of the Union is going to try to spin this global labor arbitrage as "creating jobs"...

that is the intent.

Which is precisely what Bush claimed, "offshore outsourcing is good for America".

It is NOT good for America. You have some fairly corrupt (cough) economists who will bias the theory to make it seem like it could be...

but the real theory and the statistical reality show clearly it is not.

So, here we go, the exact same song and dance from Obama as we saw from Bush...

all based on a bold faced lie and that lie literally is coming from some biased economics papers....

and the only way one will see that lie is if they have an undergrad economics degree or a mathematics degree and took the time to read these ridiculous papers.

Frankly, to me this is the biggest crime of all. Academic research should not be biased, spinning to reach some predetermined conclusion.

If this was a harder science, say Nuclear physics, that author would be drummed out of Academia, their career destroyed, their credibility ruined.

But in economics, oh gee, such nonsense might get them a job in the White House or at NBER.


Hard To Spin Tragic Reality

If there be any doubt, any question, as to the reality on "Main Street America", listen to those that have lost everything due to no fault of their own. You cannot "spin" tragic reality, even if you are a professional politician with a focus on climbing the political ladder. It's very difficult to put a spin on growing poverty and homelessness, banks going under, record home foreclosures, over 43 million on food stamps, proper health care unaffordable to most citizens, two "never ending" wars, import and energy dependency, the shameful astronomical national debt, and the promise of "Change" that never comes, except for non-beneficial and negative "Change".

The "math", facts and figures on Main Street America, greatly differ from biased "math" used by the Washington Spin Machine. Without including all factors which do, and can, influence the results, professional politicians often use "doctored math" to spin informmation towards their benefit. Also, information compiled by the government, for the government, is not the same as information researched and compiled by independent private sources and agencies.

Without looking at the numbers, Main Street America is fully aware of the economically devastating affects associated with NAFTA, CAFTA, and individual corporate agreements that send American jobs outside of our boarders. Again, you cannot "spin" the pain being felt by John Q. Public. And, how can anyone put a spin on tent cities popping up across this country during 2009 and 2010, the empty shelves in community food pantries, and entire families living in shelters, many for the first time ever.

Very often we hear Republicans blaming Democrats, and Democrats blaming Republicans, but neither side stands for the people, and stands against the other side. In reality, the name of the game in Washington is "politics as usual", and has been for many decades now. Basically, both parties are anti-America, and the proof to that statement is being felt all across this nation, and appears in the daily headlines.

The bottom line amounts to "taxation without representation". We elect representatives on election day, then basically give them Carte Blanche for the next four years to exert their will, and not the will of the people.

Because you can do wrong, and get away with it, doesn't make it right

The Economic Populist is #13 from Online MBA!

Hey folks, The Economic Populist is ranked #13 in the top 49 economics sites for visual aids, otherwise known as charts, graphs, tables, equations and even further known as eye candy.

Thank you online MBA and even more thanks goes to the St. Louis Federal Reserve FRED tools. Without them, we would have to create all graphs by hand.

We do create graphs by hand, by running the raw data in a spreadsheet, that said, it takes much longer than using the FRED system.

So far, "web technologies" graphing tools to automatically graph up data in blogs leaves much to be desired. If someone knows of an API or system that works, is easy to use and is fast, creates optimized images (graphs), please let me know.

I'd like to add more visual aid/multimedia to the site as I find them, which actually works consistently.

Online MBA has put together a great list, although they missed EconomPicData (see the left glorified blog roll).

I agree with them, I'm right brain and a visual, really gives the big picture quickly on a sheet of numbers. One can write equations all day long, description text all day long but if those numbers and equations are not explained in plain English, your audience just shrunk to those with an economics or math degree (as well as right brain, which is about 10% of the U.S. population last I checked).

Congrats !!

Job well-done.

Because you can do wrong, and get away with it, doesn't make it right

OpenLeft blog closing

This is a real bummer, Openleft is/was a great political blog, but it looks like they are moving on.

news here.

There were a lot of economics bloggers on OpenLeft, so let's hope they come to The Economic Populist.

In the interim I'm looking into restructuring the site since the "forums" are basically not true forums, because we've become such a news source primarily.

Working on it, but you might go over to Open Left, see what's happening, invite those to come over here.