A Tale of Two Bail Outs - Excellent Parable by Ralph Gomory on Auto Bail Out

This is great. Gomory has created a fictional universe to explain our same never ending question of why the financial sector was thrown gobs of money and the auto industry is getting the shaft.

Autopia: A Tale of Two Bailouts

Many Americans are struggling to understand how our government makes decisions on corporate bailouts. When Wall Street companies spent years investing in mortgages that turned out, essentially, to be garbage, the government rushed to bail them out. But when the auto companies neared a similar fate, the government was prepared to stand by and let them perish.

To aid in understanding this situation, it is helpful to look at an example from a galaxy far, far away.

Once upon a time on a distant planet there was a nation that looked a lot like ours -- we'll call it Autopia. They were indeed much like us, only with some things backwards. Autopia's car companies looked and acted like our Wall Street, while Autopia's financial companies acted a lot like our car companies.

Read the whole thing over at The Huffington Post.

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