Trump on "Meet the Press"

I posted earlier : "BTW: Not a chance for his jobs boasting to bring living wages". Today Aug 16 he was the topic on "Meet the Press". Chuck Todd asked Trump what he would do about the minimum wage. Trump said he would keep it around where it is, we have to be competitive. Is he going to bring jobs back by undercutting over seas labor. I think this signals his entire plan. Status quo conservative. Especially status quo because as a mega business man he has to or should know that it is impossible to change so many things so fast. He will staff his cabinet based on what he sees on TV, he says. . Listening to him he sounds like an infomercial for a get rich book. Keeps repeating how happy and rich you are going to be but never tells how or why. You have to buy the book. What if the book sells and he accomplishes nothing. What does he have to lose? "Nothing"! He just wanted to be President. He talks a lot and now I think I know who he is talking to. Bottom line is if he wins then the business world will have a lobbyist in the Whitehouse.