Why can't this guy get a loan?

This guy's story typifies what is wrong with U.S. economic policy on a host of fronts.

Noel Davis wants to make wind turbines in Indiana. He wants to open up a manufacturing plant.

Sounds good right? Manufacturing, green energy, domestic production....

So, why can't this guy get a loan? From Manufacture This:

Noel explains that, in addition to waiting for a loan guarantee from the Department of Energy, he must then get funding from investors. The irony is that, at a time when credit is tight, many investors are putting scarce resources into Chinese projects, not American.

See that? Investor herd mentality is emerging economies (and why China is classified as such is a great mystery). I wonder if they even bother to perform due diligence on the profit and market potential in U.S. business investments? Is it simply the stamp made in China enough for investors to pour billions overseas and ignore their own domestic economic turf?

Below is an interview on the Ed Show showing while banks can get money in a space of minutes, for a manufacturing start-up, it's delay, delay, denial, delay. And you wonder why the United States is hemorrhaging jobs, especially manufacturing jobs, contrary to this happy and fluff piece on the Huffington Post. Do we need a major U.S. manufacturing policy? Do we need to get guys like Noel Davis here some serious money and loans immediately? Hell yes! Notice how he's doing a straight up business. He's not asking for subsidies or grants or any damn thing. He's out to make a profit because he knows.....he can.

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The Intrigues

R & D Coalition Overview:

Less than 20 car companies applied for $25 BILLION DOLLARS in taxpayer money managed by a certain group of people at DOE in order to get loans to make green cars for Americans’.

There was enough money to help every single one of the car companies that applied. The administrators applied their interpretations of the law in order to benefit the large lobby group-related firms and avoided every one of the “unconnected” companies.

The amount of lobby and influence money spent is in direct ratio to the amount of money awarded.

The smaller companies, due to lower overhead, could have dramatically more productive results with the money than the large burdened companies yet the money was given out based on political career advantages rather technology advantages.

All of the people that reviewed the applications had political and financial connections to GM, Ford, Chrysler and the large Detroit recipients.

Each of those smaller American companies had technology and resources that presented a strong economic threat, if they got the loans, to the large politically connected companies that did receive funds.

Some of the companies that have gotten money have backed out of making the electric cars they said they would make. But they still get to keep the money.

Some of the companies that got the money have already wasted more money than other companies applied for as their total request.

Most of the companies who got money were in dire financial situations

Some of the companies that got taxpayer loan money are not even American companies and/or are doing their manufacturing offshore with non-American employees.

All of the things that the rejected small companies (who did not pay lobby fees) were rejected for, were the same things that the insider big companies were doing.

We will continue to keep you updated.

R&D Team

hello R&D group/team

I believe this and documenting the political "paybacks" and the lobbyists score in billions of grants, funds, loans when frankly in terms of the best "bang for the buck", they do not deserve a dime, is something I'd like to get more details on.

How many billions, even trillions have been wasted? I know huge tech contracts, many in the billions, have literally produced not one line of usable code, often go to offshore outsourced companies, who have hordes of "influential people" and lobbyists.

May I suggest creating an account and joining us to help keeps us informed on the details? You'll skip the CAPTCHA and can track your own comments.

The key is to get a running documented #'s tally on this...
for while it's well known, precisely how much taxpayer money is wasted and just how much GDP is lost, real economic growth is lost, jobs for Americans are lost...
I don't have a running tally and that would be damn useful.